A businessman’s first trade


1993 autumn a Saturday afternoon, I anxious not to not to returned home, majesty prepared to dispose of some of our yard work must be done. When I was cleaning the fallen leaves in the yard, my five year old son Nick came over, pulling my leg, “Dad, I need you to help me to write a brand.” He said. “No, Nick, I’m busy.” I answer this. “But, I need a brand.” He insisted. “What’s the use of the brand, Nick?” I asked. “I’m going to sell some of my rocks.” He replied.


Nick has always been obsessed with rocks, he has collected many of them from everywhere, in addition, others have given him some, in our garage with a basket full of stones, he regularly cleaned, classified and re stacked. They are his treasures. “I don’t have time now, Nick, I have to clean the leaves,” I said. “Go to your mother, let her help you.”.” After a while, Nick got a piece of paper back. In the paper, he used his Zheng Wusui child’s handwriting wrote: “today the sale of $1.” His mother helped him to make the brand, he now began to do business. He took his brand, a small basket, and four of the best stones to our driveway. In the village, he put the stone lined up, put the basket behind them, sat down in the ground. I looked at him from a distance and focused on the development of things.


After about half an hour, there’s no one to pass by. I walked through the driveway and wanted to see what he was doing. “How, Nick?” I asked. “Very good.” He replied. “What’s the use of this basket?” I asked. “Put the money.” He said to be poker-faced. “How much do you have to do?” ‘each one dollar.” Nick said. “Nick, no one would be willing to buy a dollar for a dollar.” No, it was a bit of a wish! “Nick, we are not busy at this street, there is no one who passes through here, why don’t you put these things away, to play for a while?” ‘no, there’s a lot of people here, Dad.” He said, “people are walking on our streets, riding bicycles, and people driving their cars to see the house.”. There are a lot of people here.”


He has been patient with his position. After a little while, a small truck drove down the street. When Nick shook his spirit from brand to make it to lift a minivan, when I was watching . When Han minivan from Nick before slowly after, I saw a young couple is stretched her neck in Ya Nick’s brand of the word. They continue along this road to the front of the dead away, after a little while. They had their way back. When they passed the next time, the lady in the car rolled down the window and I could not hear them. But I saw her turn around and say something to the man who drove the car, and then I saw him reaching for his wallet, and I saw him pass her a dollar. Underground car go to nick. After a careful observation of the stones, She chose one of them. Handed Nick a dollar, and drove the car away.

I sat in the yard and looked at Nick ran over to me, when I arrived really is stunned, his hands waving a dollar bill, loud mouth mark with. “I told you I can put my stone to sell one dollar a piece of it — if you have for yourself fully groom heart, you can do anything t” I walked into the house, took out my camera, Nick and his brand took a photo. This little guy has a strong confidence in himself, and he is willing to prove to me that he can do it. How this child rearing is a very meaningful lesson, and we also derive great benefit. Until Te, we often talk about it.

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