For love has far to go

When I announced to be married at the Changchun, father deeply bowed his head. Father gray hair loss. He does not know he has never been far daughter would do such a horrible act, then he bowed his head with a heavy, said. I’ll think about it, I always have to take into account the second …
In fact, failed to consider is ~ I like, what, how many rings did aliens come to Earth, girls marry to get father’s permission? world ask a girl to get shy and hid behind my mother, sanmeiliuzheng set for life? I’m not a traditional and now don’t want to return to. Thought about it, and I give a five-day, five days a week.
Girlfriend somehow hears ran the next day, asked, surprised at first glance I was really going to marry in Changchun that last name son? what I say he does not name Liu, you should call his brother or sister, or simply called, anyway, can’t tell because I do not allow. Girlfriend didn’t perceive sweep to the second Shuttle, very lovingly patted my face, like a grandma Wolf to speak up in Changchun. It lived large nails into the wood and bark House, slipped Heatable Adobe sleeping platform. Last roots coals drifting soot that filled the room. Fire fight, House on the island of ice, white cream everywhere. That’s great, you can be a Princess …
The worst of my aunts came on the third day, and haven’t seen my shadow had tears tears tears. Said she may want to see me a few times, maybe in the future want to see niece. Cruel NH, who lost with you • • • • •.
Don’t know who will come, I may as well hide out. Really tired there is always someone to hold pseudo-expert discussions in my ear. North-East North-East. , And father, while watching the weather forecast. I probably overnight into polar bears, at least in the eyes of others like this. Or thousands, was warm and not wait, not to the place who froze to death.
The fifth day, the final deadline is up. I suddenly have some mercy is about to lose her daughter’s father, decided to make the time allowed at night. After dinner, I am confident and enthusiastic to go alongside my father, as father to think that I have matured, have the strengths to enclose all sinister, I solemnly asked. You think?
Father was going to see the weather, turned and looked at me sharply when they are frightened, old eyes, sad and helpless. I have no eyes away, the father did not. Father and daughter looked at each other silently minutes, maybe half a century I said no too. The father did not bow, lateral corners I can’t see his face, I shall never forget the frail voice said, “you have to prepare fur-leather pants.”

The hidden but beautiful spot in Yunwu Mountain

In the village of the village, I found a different kind of mountain, a mountain called “cloud mountain” of the beautiful mountains.

The mountain, tall and straight, like a giant, stands tall. Its wrinkles are very deep, as if to hide the vicissitudes of life. Best of all, the cloud is always the one with him.

Fog always appears after the rain. One, then the whole mountain is hazy. The sun is like watching, then through the cloud, they. The masculine mountains seemed to blush, flying out of the flush. At this time, the wind came, just clouds torn into pieces, a road, a plume. The cloud around, like a mountain, let go is death, the remotest corners of the globe. When the mountain was up XiaGu tender feelings. The smoke cleared, the blue mountain in the sky will become increasingly deep masculine.

Rain, the mountain will be more lively. The birds sing, spring gurgle, gurgling streams. At this time, the best to go to the mountains of valley. Where there is a valley, there is a river. The crystal clear mountain valley ethereal, temples in sanskrit. The water crab also boldly drill out, look at your body sideways with eyes, a little also not afraid to disturb your quiet it.

The most beautiful birds, washed by the rain, fog around the sound brighter, more persuasive. The bird hidden in the very deep place, as if in your heart. Shore of the Bluegrass is obviously streams combing, to a morning makeup just attitude of Bi girl standing in the stream, like in listening to the so-called Iraqi people, in the water side, “the poem. (old editor’s praise: Bird hiding place and bluegrass posture, these two parables with appropriate and chic, strong expressive force, interesting flavor, it is worth students carefully taste. Tired of walking, sitting down, or lie down on a stone, anyway, everywhere scenery.

Then, put down thoughts, her eyes fixed, fixed on a flower, you will think life is beautiful; fixed on a tree, you will want to life is standing, not prostrate; frozen in the blue sky of an eagle, you will want to, the life originally to fly. Best, you don’t want to be, you are a flower, a tree, an eagle, a cloud in the mountains. So, you can hear it breathing, of course, you can also fall asleep.

The clear water, the beautiful flowers. Yunwu Mountain barren soil, the towering rock is no longer the exotic flowers and rare herbs do not need. But the common cuckoo let Yunwu Mountain warm up, gaudy, spirited up. Four or five months, the flower is always a grand declaration of the arrival of clouds and clouds. First Capsules – that is the birth of life; after a blossoming the bloom of life; then a clusters of – – that is the climax of life; finally is a piece — that is the sublimation of life, was eloquent, live in grand and spectacular.

This scenery, let dawn drunk, falling down into the red azalea: light up the eyes; let the weaver drunk, cut the white Yuncheng the white azalea, silent in the heart; some red and white, it is nature of the casual and carefully dyed.

The strange thing is the more the towering rock, the more barren soil, it is more open, more brilliant, more prosperous. It is the use of life to reveal the life – the more barren, life is more public, the more need to make public. As grown on the Loess Plateau of the man, the man thrown out of the opera, suppression of Jan meal a contusion and the roar of a tough life.

Ah, let me see you in Yunwu Mountain, the world fairyland, you let me find the beautiful life. I love you, too wonderful for words yunwushan!

Message of love

Friends, if you to be my guest, will feel my home is spacious, beautiful and clean, the picture of the unique style of the murals, pots of the unique shape of the green cuckoo is my home decorated with spring, vibrant, believe you will exclaim: beautiful home ah! But if you look closely, you will find a secret of my family, that is, on the door of a message posted a message. Look, this is “don’t forget to take medicine Oh”, that one is “the weather turns cold, remember to wear more clothes”, etc.. These messages, in your opinion, may only be a reminder of the role, but in my mind, but it contains a deep love, deep affection.

Over the years, my mother has not been in good health, but when she does, the medicine ignore and forget the event. To this end, the whole family hurt a lot of brains. Once, dad has to go on a business trip, he in order to mother can eye drops on time every day, came up with a coup, message, it can let you write things to note on a piece of paper, attached to each other’s most often stay in place, so that even if you don’t at home can also be the most want to say pass each other. In the evening, my father quietly cut a few pieces of paper, which was written: “remember to take the medicine on time”, “remember to wear glasses”…… And stick to the place where my mother and I can go through every day. The next day, when I woke up, and found dad was on a business trip, but the note on the wall, but leave father want to say the words, the deepest concern. From then on, I never forget to wear glasses, the mother on time every day! From then on, we have this habit, there is anything to explain the words, want to express love, all through the paper to convey.

Vaguely remember it was a Monday morning, when I woke up, I found that bedside posted a note that read: “daughter, my mother was sick today, can’t cook for you, you take money to buy their own point, sorry!” After reading, I hurried to get up, hurried to shop to buy eggs, bread, the cold medicine on the bed, go to school. An short message to make our home more harmonious, warm. Now, my mother’s body is much better, and I have gradually become sensible, I love my family, we want to take this love of the message in the end!

My father’s silence

To pick up all the things, father has to get up. Look at the time on the phone. He dressed in that I have been watching the camouflage, came and said: “you do not eat?” I can’t say. One does not feel hungry, two eat something, will feel uncomfortable in the car. It was raining hard. I said, “Take me away!” From home to the bus, there are about ten miles away. At this time I can’t see a thing, the sky and the heavy rain, I am a person can’t catch up with the car in any case. He said, “well,” he said.” Then turn around and get the motorbike. I watched him from the dim light passed by, some body fat is not naturally bent again. His technique is not very good, and now the weather, the rugged road will be more difficult to do. My father took the rain motorcycle, wearing a raincoat and clumsy.

My umbrella is standing at two meters, with his flashlight. Raincoat with water, become cold and hard, he put several times without hands into sleeves. Squat body is struggling in the cold wind. At last he had not put on a raincoat, he was out of breath. Raincoats to manage, father raincoat in the upper half of the catch in hand, lower part is on a motorcycle, then slowly bend down, inch by inch drilling raincoat. My heart felt pain suddenly. The cold rain was down the skeleton of the umbrella, dripping on the hot hand. I went up and said, “Dad, I’m going to help you!” He shook his hand and a voice came from the raincoat: “I’m fine, you don’t come, watch the rain!” When he was wearing a raincoat, the clothes on his body were wet. I use the flashlight he clumsily climbed the motorcycle, the body was difficult to curb trembling. Once the father, tall, strong, in memory is always the existence of the giant. But now, I look at he only and my shoulder high body, looked at him in the cold rain flashing white light of a root hair, looked at him is no longer sensitive action, heart suddenly blocked, dull, uncomfortable. What makes my father had become so old? Time, or me? I stole my eyes and sat on my father’s motorcycle. At the station, I stood on the platform and my father was standing on the platform. He parked his motorcycle in the side, and took out a cigarette. In the darkness, a shining spot on the floating , then came the father heavy breathing. I am guilt. Say: “you go back, I’m a person and so on.” He said: “it’s all right!” Continue to sit next to smoking, sitting in the rain soaked car. After a while, he finished his cigarette. Come, handed me a pile of money, he said: “to put it in a bag, don’t lose.”

I said: “well.” Took the money, the folder in the book, and carefully put the book in the backpack. He said: “eat what you want to eat at school, not to save.” I nodded, but did not dare to see him, did not say a word. I stood on the platform, and my father stood on the platform. Silent, he didn’t say a word. The air flowing in the biting cold, and dead silence. And after another hour, the rain was small. The bright light shines, I know, it’s time to go. I said: “you go back, I got on the train.” The father smiled, said: “no matter, you get on the bus I walk.” I am speechless, watching my father tired eyes, suddenly choked down. Turn around, a few steps on the bus. Out of the window, the cold rain is falling down. Rain, my father looked at me in silence. I turned to look, he has been the boundless cold rain obscured, so invisible. I carried a heavy bag, tears can not be help but also can help, suddenly spread. Like that between heaven and earth under a cold rain, get out of hand. I understand that the father’s silence, but also deep in the sea. And I understand that my father’s love is in the deep silence of the sea, and with my birth, I have been with me for twenty years. I shed tears, tightly holding a heavy backpack.