Invisible love

Invisible love
One summer evening, it was very good. I went for a walk in a clearing, he saw a small boy about 10 years old and a woman. That children are only very rough evasive fight one set up on the Earth, and he has seven or eight meters away from the glass.
The child can sometimes miss a projectile metres, but also fluctuated. I stood not farbehind him, he hit the bottle, because I haven’t seen a Slingshot so poor children. The woman sitting on the grass, picked a heart from a heap of stones, gently passed into the hands of children, smiling peacefully. The child would put stones on leather,out, and took another one. Can be seen from the woman‘s eyes, she is the mother of the child.
The child seriously, hold your breath, aiming for a long time, didn’t hit a shot. Stoodby them but I could see that he must not hit this play, but he kept playing.
I walked up and said to the mother:
Let me teach him how to play?
The boy stopped, but still looked at the bottle directions.
He smiled a smile of my mother. No, thanks! She paused, looked at the child and softly said, he couldn’t see.
For a long time, I muttered, “Oh … … Sorry! but why?
The other children play.
“Uh……” and I said, “but he … … How can you hit?
I told him, there will always be hit. Mother calmly said, the key is that he did not.
I was silent.
For a long time, the boy the frequency gradually slowed down, and he was tired.
His mother did not say anything, also picked up a small stone is very serene,smiling, just pass the pace slowed.
I found this very regular beat the boy, he hit a shot, a bit to one side and hit a shot,then point, then slowly moved back.
He knew only that general direction!
Night wind hits, crickets singing in the bushes, and the stars in the sky there are barely discernable. Issued by the pimp crackling sound and collapsing on the floor ofa stone banging sound was still monotonously repeats. For the kids, night and daydoesn’t make any difference.
Another long, the night off, I could not see the bottle contour.
Today he was not hit. I think. Hesitated, they say good bye, turned and walked to the back.
Not far out, a bottle of crisp cracking sound came from behind.

Faith is a seed

Faith is a seed


One year, a United Kingdom expeditions into an area of the Sahara desert, in the vast sand Sea Trek. Sun, flying and sand like the fried red iron General, head of the expedition faces. Thirsty hot, burningall the water is gone. At this time, Captain of the expedition took a pitcher, said: there is a pot of water, but before crossing the desert, one can drink.
A pot of water, became the source of faith through the desert, has become the target survival hopes. Water bottles in the hands of players passed, that heavy feeling ofthe players on the verge of despair on his face and look determined came. Finally, the expedition stubbornly out of the desert, out of the hand of death. Everyonecried, with a trembling hand unscrew the pot supportflow slowly out of the waterfor their spirit, was a pot full of sand!
Under the scorching sun, the vast desert, really saved them, and where is that a potof sand? Their persistent belief, have as a seed take root in their hearts, ultimately led them out of the desperateFine jewelry reading network
In fact, life never really desperate. No matter how much hard, no matter how muchsuffering, as long as a person‘s heart with a faith seed, then one day, he can get out of trouble, let life come to fruition.
Life is like this, as long as the seed is, hope is in.

And warm memories

And warm memories


I stand at the door, watching the neighbors children out of their home, happily run to school, at first glance like the morning dew, bright flashes in the mist. Empty streets a few minutes ago, suddenly becomes colorful. Tinkling in the children‘s bags chink, sneakers with baggy wore, her lips still has residual milk. Now it is 8:30 A.M., dayschool life began.
16 years ago, no matter to me than taking the kids to school more enjoyable to me,and as keen as I am on the daily rituals of the world‘s father may be numbered. Most of my neighbors or by 8:30 A.M. on the subway or sitting at my desk and start theday hard work. Many of them are there for children face changing, there‘s no need for the daughter‘s hair, do not need to check that the child is brought together in school supplies. In this regard, they may be secretly happy. And I, when preparing for the children as a most enjoyable time in the day, see school as a favoritedestination.
I cherish this morning walking time: hold the child‘s hand, youran to me deeply, enchanted kindergarten. Meet the kids in the garden is a 15pound rabbit, ears for SAG, two song sweet Canary, a barrel looks set to become a frog, tadpole, a cylinder, and colorful tropical fish swimming, and affable teacher. On one wall of the room iswarm and cozy fireplace, next to the rocking chair and a big shelf almost to the ceiling. Another area is preparing for some future artists placed crayons and art supplies. Talent first little architects and engineers can be arbitrarily piling up here confine themselves to future botanists in the garden in little glasses just to sprout peanuts and beans.
Really don’t want to leave this vibrant world: Sun through the wide glass down, children‘s laughter fills the entire space. Revealing fresh in every corner, every minute there are amazing discoveries. I would like to get new skills, new ideas and new sensations. But the school bell will ring, the teacher would put the students up to a. Children‘s family also do the final care and guidance, well buckle the child wasn’t wrong button again, and then reluctantly walked away. I want to stay there, watched the children discuss the weather and face when the world is full of curiosity.
I reluctantly moved out of the classroom, near the back of the home, began their work. Whole blocks seem drab, still boring. In a fixed period of time, some children would rush to the playground, manufacture up to half an hour of confusion. I used to sit at a desk, attentively listening to the noise of moving, pondering over the samerestlessness of childhood.
3 o’clock in the afternoon, the tide is again higher up in the morning, open the heavy door of the school. First rushed out of the larger children. They flood to the sidewalk. The boys shouting, catch up with racing; girls expect to hand in hand, chirp, andoccasionally to the boys showed some disdain and some inquiring eyesReplica yellow gold love bracelet
After a few minutes, the youngest children are easily opened the door, looking around, looking to pick up their family.
5 year old daughter saw me, flew into my arms like a butterfly. This action leads meto after years of thought, and it is this I fell in love with the feeling of separation andreunion. Her in my arms to hang for a while, break, school backpacks and a rub crumpled notice handed to me, asking if I could make her friend Bailey home to play. Then, after a brief bargaining with the Bailey‘s mother, two the same age girl walkedaway hand in hand, the rest of the afternoon to the refreshments and they never got tired of the game. And I, accelerated through the colorful children, between a surrounded by swarms of small fish like large whales, enjoying this vibrant group of kidscompany.

Here lies a timid Warrior

Here lies a timid Warrior

Bracy is a 7 year old little boy, he was a timid person. 5 year old kindergarten teacher organizations we went swimming, everyone jumped in the pool, only Bracy stand shivering on the platform. Classmates laughed at him, he would cry, is not willing to go. At the age of 6, Bracy was primary school. A class camping, others sleep in their sleeping bags, he was the only exception, must be huddled together with their teachers. Students to take the cable car, he dared not; students learn to shoot, he was afraid to pick up a gun; the students jump, he stands far more. Bracy has a nickname called “grey-yellow bird.” Sometimes, students engage in activities together, if you flub or unwilling to do anything, get this assessment: “the bear as well as Bracy. “Obviously, Bracy has become the” weak “and” timid “and” incompetence “are synonymous.

During the spring, Bracy was 7 years old. Bracy parents don’t know why this kid is so timid. Bracy has a brother called Ou Weier, unusually bold, although only two years older than buleisida, but it is different. Bracy parents Bracy to the hospital, but did not find anything abnormal. Doctors said Bracy “womb” in what had shaken. Bracy parents think that doctors say is nonsense, and came back and stopped him.

One day, Ou Weier pocket and stealing a pack of cigarettes from her father, caught by Bracy. Ou Weier Bracy shook out his fist, warns Bracy not to complain, otherwise we will be eating a fist. Bracy nodded. Ou Weier also hates his brother is too weak, he wanted my brother to learn it a bit rough, so he asked his brother if he was willing to learn to smoke with him. Bracy said yes.

Ou Weier with Bracy and raced to the mountains two kilometers away from home, Ou Weier is being brought here first learn to smoke, and finally learned. He hoped that Bracy in this secret place learn smoking. He then Bracy will also teach more exciting things.

Very quiet around, Bracy can hear your own heartbeat. Ou Weier sophisticated lights, and then to the brother. Bracy took a first bite, spicy he mouth boss, gasping, her face red with suppressed. Then draw the second, third, and each one, he’s sick, but he insisted on because Ou Weier encourages eye makes him feel a force.

However, Bracy to seventh when smoke, Ou Weier suddenly heard a car motor noise came, he immediately hands of Bracy smoke take it, together with its own smoke put out, step up the dirt and listen quietly.

Bracy are Ou Weier alert scare, held his breath and was going to ask Ou Weier what happened, but Ou Weier finger, made a muted command.

Ou Weier from half-naked slopes climb through dense interwoven trees, he found that a jeep was parked not far in front. Bracy also saw this scene and saw the car sitting in a big fat full face beard, hold bottle in his hand, constantly drinking, mouth sounds, not knowing what he was mumbling. Soon, the fat man came out from the car. He was holding a gas hose, into the car’s tail pipe. Due to the large hose has no exhaust pipe, so, the hose will slide out. So, the fat man and the gas hose with a handkerchief into the tail pipe in the back of a jeep, then staggered back into.
“No, the fat man to commit suicide! “Ou Weier whispered anxiously to Bracy said.
Bracy asks in horror: “what can we do? ”

Ou Weier says: “you don’t move, I climb the handkerchief out. “Ou Weier said slowly climbed the past, secretly pulled out a handkerchief, come out of the gas hose fall off naturally. Ou Weier slipped back. Big fat man desperate to drink wine in a car, kept shouting. A hard, thinks the car will explode, but the car still. Big fat seems to be awake, he walked down, found behind the handkerchief off the vehicle to the ground, thought he was not ready, and the gas hose into exhaust pipes, plugged with a handkerchief.

Ou Weier bravely climb again, quietly pulled out a handkerchief. Big fat very strange, he was still dazed, while drinking, car, gas pipe again and handkerchiefs back on vehicle exhaust tubes, and then got back in the car, and then slowly drank the wine in the bottle.

Suddenly, the fat man in the front seat of the car mirror saw crept to the back of the Ou Weier: Hun guy turned out to be the monkey! Big fat for a pound, quietly, when Ou Weier pulled out a handkerchief, he reached out and grabbed him, and Ou Weier slamming to the ground.
Bracy has seen it all.

Big fat new handkerchief stuffed into the car’s tail pipe and gas pipe. He laughed: “I’m ready to die, to accompany the dead still had a little bastard, that’s great! “Ou Weier struggled, but too small, fat man caught him into the car. Bracy watched, I do not know how to do.

Fat man on Ou Weier cried what sound could be heard very clearly. In fact, Bracy was in no mood to listen to, he now is, how do you like his brother’s, crept past the handkerchief from the tail pipe of the car down. But he was too frightened, he was shivering. Although it tells him that he should climb as quickly as possible, as soon as possible, because even a minute later a second late, may make even with two people died in an explosion in his own. Bracy cried, he keeps crawling. Every step of the climb is so laborious, difficult. Bracy hit yourself on the head, I hate that I don’t have the guts, hate myself not brave—like brother brother Ou Weier climbed three times in the past.

Bracy has no choice, he clung to the ground, constantly push fingers due to tension, grasp to catch the blood. He heard screaming brother Ou Weier, brother pain stimulates him. But he did, and he continued to climb slowly, very slowly.

With every step, he had to stop. While stopped, he fears that the approaching car is going to explode. He is getting close to the car, closer and closer to the handkerchief. Finally he took the handkerchief, and then quickly pulled out. Gas pipe fell out of the tail pipe.

Bracy full of sweat from his face, his clothes wear to tatters and gone out of the belly of blood. He does not know this, he came up with a handkerchief, he was relieved. However, he had a chance to take a step back, the car. “Shout” is a, recede.

Car failed to explode, but it will grind flat—Bracy as Bracy a bunch of colorless flowers, deep into the Earth. He’s small and cowardly to let him die and when they have no chance to call an audible. Ou Weier barking rushed out of the car, the fat man was also stunned by the scene at the moment: he did not expect to catch out a man not afraid to die, other daredevil people came! But he was cruel to his grind off, grind it off like a bunch of tiny flowers.
Bracy is dead. He saved two lives with a weak body.

Bracy of the students and parents of students as well as Bracy is a community of people you know, I don’t know, acquaintances, strangers, men and women, old and young, are all here. Bracy’s tombstone was engraved with these words: “this lies a timid Warrior. “Many of his classmates cried to see the words. Cemetery next to a pine tree, I do not know who was the first in the yellow scarf tied with a little above, and articles II, III, and is a tree full of yellow shawl, are countless. They silently around the Bracy’s cemetery, the wind blows, people seemed to feel: Bracy delicate hands are coming out of the ground like a flower bud, expressing his spring nostalgia

Cut perfect hands

Cut perfect hands

He used to be the eyes of the people not understand geek.

In high school, because he’s that good, have a chance to walk from famous University in front of him, he don’t.

To the college entrance examination, he paid a very high score, instead chose to bitter and tired of geology.

After graduation, so called man of him on campus, and the few good fancy, but he was asked to do a geological one, do a end of Geological team.

A lot of people don’t understand his choice, he would always laugh and have no comment.

Finally, one day, he is being asked again why do they choose open mouth: France famous sculptor Auguste Rodin, carefully sculptured a statue of writer Balzac: Balzac’s eyes, wearing a robe with wide sleeves, hands naturally overlap in the chest. Rodin called his three students came to appreciate his masterpiece. Unexpectedly, three students invariably attracted by statues on this pair of lifelike hand, repeatedly praise: “well, this is really a wonderful pair of hands! “Rodin student in the face, I felt hands-plastic fantastic, but as part of a whole, is too prominent, play a dominate role. Therefore, he found a great axe, axed the perfect hands. Several students were stunned by Rodin’s move.

In fact, in [appreciate love stories during the rainy season net] life, this “perfect hand” can be seen everywhere, it always and everywhere to entice people to forget the initial pursuit of the essence of life, often therefore embarked on a path that runs counter to the ideal. Only decisively cut off those “perfect”, the temptation to cut down those localized and temporary, real, loneliness, devote themselves to do the things you want to do, to sculpture a life perfect.

Saying these words, he has made three ministerial, three Bureau of science and technology progress award of achievement; produced two albums about the three-dimensional seismic prospecting in many professional publications has published hundreds of papers on. Assume a very important national research program. Moreover, he also used their exquisite heart go through every inch of the beauty of nature, wrote many poems full of pride, passion, love, wisdom, become a geological poet, a poet who know how to pursue true beauty of life.

If the “perfect” in the quiet fermentation

If the “perfect” in the quiet fermentation
A Taiwan doctor, who opened a private hospital near the door of the house. Because of his skill, and diligent efforts, to the age of 40 is wealthy, and he made are also top celebrities, the door is often heavy traffic. The doctor has a son and three daughters. Son Meiqingmuxiu, daughter is a man of striking appearance, graceful flower. The doctor has a habit of walking after supper, and as long as he is accompanied by his son. Each walk is wide, and the only son to talk about life. He was pointing Jiangshan, and pointing his famous outside the hospital, then sincere words and earnest wishes to say to her son: “you ambition in the chest, must not be delayed. Your perfect life, I have given you a blueprint: into the best schools, and then into the best medical school, and then to study abroad, when the first flow of doctors!”
Such a walk, from the son of primary school to middle school graduation, if the effect is extraordinary. Son not only obedient docile, and never fight a slingshot to throw stones, and really clever, has not let the family tasted third shame. After entering the Taiwan best medical school, he is more brilliant colors and diligently refined and courteous, frequent news, communication is the future of man.
But to the university there is a problem, Taiwan has a regulation that every man must be a year of military service. What wasn’t a big deal, but for the future is brilliant son reflected eyeful red dad, this is really a great loss. In order to let his son to escape military service, he rushed out, but still meet frequently, and go down.
When the island served her son to go out, the doctor consoled himself: even in a year, minus the perfect life. He sent his son to the first Ten-li resting station, earnestly exhort: “son, the fuck you must find a corner back English bitter words. Remember!”
My son went that year, the day is longer than a century, the doctor to see a doctor, and even some of the energy can not concentrate. But years after all, such as running water, seemingly not actually in the ice, the moment is close to the expiration of the time limit. Suddenly one day, someone sent a message: a bolt from the blue son unfortunately died in the camp doctor!
It’s a mystery. The camp up and down the investigation, found a little quarrel. In other people, not forget to sleep, sleep three should forget. But the son of a doctor, just staring at this little thing, forget the great expectations, he could not forbear, angrily shot from drinking.
How the doctor can swallow such a blow! He so hasty run, angrily they had to find out the non “persecution” no clues. A few years later, he dropped out of service business. The money is growing, too. He is great artists, eyes dark yellow, aging. Finally one day, he had to pick up the hospital’s signature. In front of the house of the Luo bird scene, he also has no psychology. Another winter, doctors have been depressed for a long time in sudden thunder, the glass smashed expensive. His wife will pick up debris at the outside of the house, but it was locked outside. His wife feel bad, struggling to hit the door, but it’s too late, I saw flames as columns, and the smell of screaming vocals……
This is the true story of the past 10 years ago. But come to think of it, isn’t it, not still quietly brewing, fermentation, heating, always be repeated?
There is a public opinion poll in the United States this year: “do you want to use the method of cloning to obtain a perfect child?”
The results of a poll is very small only 6% of the 76% people who readily agreed, without love: “I don’t want to destroy the natural.” The couple replied: “we have adopted 4 children, they have a different color and family background. Don’t say ‘perfect’, they have a very big distance in their appearance, intelligence, and perfection. One of the two children, because of the mental barrier, need to be patient for a long time. But if someone uses the perfect clone to exchange with our children, we have only one answer: No ”
Accepting “not perfect” is like receiving a different color. Have different colors, it is possible to have a colorful life. And, in the life of a few “imperfect” spots, it is to make people humble, sympathetic and cherish the reasons.
Just think, if the doctor’s son is not intelligent, but unfortunately, a mischievous nature reverse disobedient one day, if the doctor met a patient, the person or for the children not to worry excessively, or because of his journey to have hypertension or hardships and dangers, emphysema, the doctor will have deep sympathy and feeling. He treats people, but also to pass understanding of the warmth.
Like a man who has been ill, it will be a special respect for life.

Doubt your price

Doubt your price
Many years ago, I lived in New York, I remember in a spring evening, I decided to go to a non Broadway musical performance. It was there that I first heard Salome Bey’s beautiful song. I was enchanted by her song. I believe she will be another Sarah Vaughan. Sarah Vaughan is the American jazz singer, has been known as the singer in the singer”.
It was a wonderful feeling. Although at that time the theater half empty, but is still singing Salome, so absorbed and song is still so beautiful, so beautiful, the whole play principle everywhere echoed her song, it can be said that her song brings vitality to the entire theater. Before this, I have never seen such a performance. Although the deserted audience makes me feel a little disappointed, but the wonderful performance of Salome still makes me excited. So I decided to write an article about her.
The second day, I tried to restrain his excitement, to show that there is one theatre with a phone call. I pretend to be a professional writer, and the writer’s voice asked: “Hello, may I ask Salome Bey in it?”
“Oh, she’s in, please wait a moment.”
“Hello, I’m salome.”
“Hello, Miss Bai, I am Nora Proffitt. I’m going to write an article for the Essence magazine to promote the achievements you have made in singing. I do not know whether you can attend and see me, so I can interview you through singing in the side of the road?”
Here, I can’t help thinking: “how can I say so? If the “essence” magazine to know it, they’ll put me up, and for her singing achievements I knew nothing at all!” At this time, I heard a voice in my heart at their shouts: “are you really in trouble!”
“Oh, of course,” Salome replied, “just next Tuesday I will make my fourth album. Could you come and see me in the studio? If you can, bring your photographer together.”
“With my photographer?!” Hearing this, my confidence suddenly disappeared in the heart to Not the least trace was found., very upset, “this time I can really ‘Cleverness may overreach itself. ah.”. I don’t even know who has a camera!”
“I’m thinking about one thing now,” Salome “is continued, recording after the end, I would also like to” hair, the city and on the highway of life “producer Mr. Gault McDermott went to Staten Island is located in the top of the church to attend a charity show. Why don’t you come and join us? I’ll introduce you to him.”
“Well, of course, of course I’m going,” I said, trying to put on a very professional tone, “that would make it a whole new perspective.”
“A brand new perspective? How do you know?” My voice just fell, the brain that critical voice immediately jumped out to me questioned.
“Thank you, Miss Bai,” I’m going to the end of the telephone conversation, he said, “next Tuesday I will come to visit you.”
When I hung up the phone, I could not help but be just a scared out in a cold sweat. I just felt like falling into quicksand, and it will soon be swallowed like, even have no chance to save your dignity.
The next few days are almost a flash. In these days, I’m not darted into the library, to find out who is Gault McDermott, is frantically looking for a 35 mm camera acquaintance, after all, to get a real photographer is impossible, because I have put all my money will be spent on Broadway theater on the ticket.
Maybe it’s my hard work and I’ve got a photographer. It was an accidental opportunity, and I had no intention of hearing that my friend Barbara had become a very good photographer. So I went to ask her for help. After a hard request, Barbara finally agreed to accompany me to interview.

In an instant, it’s Tuesday. I took Barbara as Miss Salome Bey rushed to the recording studio, she and Mcdermott Gault held a charity show top of the church. In the interview, although I still act like a professional like, sitting there, and if thoughtfully, from time to time in a yellow pad on the record, but I actually very nervous, afraid to mess it up. This is a simple question from the poor. Because, I always ask her questions “you can tell me……” Start. In contrast, Barbara is much more experienced than I was, when I was talking to Salome Bey, she is in our side, choose the suitable angle, to seize the opportune moment to press the shutter.
Soon, the interview was over. One out of the church, I went along the street, like a mad rush. After a long distance from the church, the church was out of breath. I really want to call an ambulance, because I feel that the pressure of the pressure on their own is about to die. But, in the end, I just got a taxi.
When I arrived home safely, I began to write. But, every word, I hear a small but very harsh voice in my mind! You’re not a writer at all! You’ve never written anything! Well, you don’t even have a decent shopping list! You will never succeed!”
Not only that, but I soon realized that while writing an article about Salome Bey fool is a simple thing, but as a professional writer for the “essence” of such a nationwide magazine is not a matter of an easy job to do, I said, it is almost impossible to the success of the. Suddenly, I felt a kind of invisible pressure to hit me, I pressed almost breathless.
Over the next few days, I have almost all of my body and mind in the writing of this article. I wrote it over and over again, and again and again, even I do not know how many times I have been rewritten, how many times the number of times. Finally, I finally feel satisfied. So, I take two double spaced carefully printed a neat manuscript, putting it in a large envelope, and enclosed a written address, I put enough stamps on the empty envelope, then put it into the mailbox. Back away after watching the postman took the letter, I feel very upset, and figuring out exactly how long to wait repeatedly in order to receive the “essence” magazine editor that reads “hate” two word rejection letter.
Waiting time is not very long. After about three weeks, my manuscript was returned, put my address in that I had written the letter. “What a shame it is!” I thought, “how can I imagine myself in a world dominated by a professional writer as a professional writer to compete?” I’m really stupid!”
I know I can’t face that letter writing editing is not love my work for various reasons of the rejection letter, so I simply did not even the demolition of demolition, wholly intact conveniently and threw it into a cupboard from me recently, and will soon forget it, the order I do torture experienced a painful experience on the spot.
Five years later, I’m going to move to California city to Sacramento in a marketing work. When I cleaned my flat, I suddenly found a letter that had not yet been sent to Kaifeng, and the address on the envelope was clearly written to me. “Why did I send this letter to myself?” I wonder. In order to reveal the mystery, I immediately opened the letter, the original is “essence” magazine editor to write. I read it with a question:
Dear miss puluofeite:
The story you wrote about Miss Salome Bey is so wonderful. However, we need you to provide some relevant notes and citations. Would you please fill it as soon as possible, and send it back to us, we want to publish your work in a magazine.
After reading this letter, I was stunned, for a long time to come to the. Because of the fear of rejection, I how to pay the heavy price! At least, I lost 500 dollars in royalties and articles published in the mainstream magazine on the opportunity, and this is the best that I can become a professional writer. What is more important, the fear that I have been unable to enjoy the pleasure of writing for many years, and has been unable to write a lot of high quality works. Today, I have published more than one hundred articles in the six anniversary of the day when I became a full-time freelance writer, looking back on that experience, I have come to an important lesson, that is: to doubt yourself, is to pay a very high price!

Precious things are slowly growing

Precious things are slowly growing
Precious things are slowly growing. Perhaps no exceptional IQ EQ no Super savvy and flexible mobility but that does not mean we have no chance of success as long as we don’t give up do not discard keep working, also President of the fruits of victory. When I was a kid in trouble is not willing to challenge, riding a single wheel bicycle, skateboarding, swimming, skating, I don’t want to learn, for fear of falling, choking. My mother encouraged me more than once, but I only watched the children playing, envious but dare not try. When I was nine years old, inspired by the mother, I was willing to try riding a single bike. Mother pushes a ways, let me ride. Fall more than once when I was in my own bike, but every time I got up, because I was thinking of my mom’s encouragement and expectations of me. After a long time of hard work, I finally overcome one-wheel bicycle this problem. My persistence efforts, skateboard, skating, swimming, and so difficult to solve, I had handy. In leisure-time activities, I challenge myself, and learning, I tried to make my achieved excellent results.

My score was not born there, but my mother when I was practicing hard, MOM is pay close attention to my studies, do not relax, let me to practice every day, so as to reinforce my understanding of mathematical analysis, mathematical thinking I have a flexible operation. Reading can make us accumulate more new knowledge. I knew from the book the shipping company of New Jersey-Manhattan developers and owners, A.R.A engaged in freight transportation company Chairman Arthur. xiangpatuolali, a child is not intelligent, always in the end of the class, but he worked hard to adhere to the accumulation of consolidated, turned out to be one of the rich. Precious things are slowly growing. We may be growth expectation for myself not fast enough

Like the fog like rain and wind

Very quiet, very quiet. No other begging, just flat light through it can see their hearts. I know you like boiling water, it is sometimes like a fog like rain sometimes and sometimes have the wind.
Himself, it seems that from the day of birth, the hit is doomed to struggle to float on the earth, and now he is like a fog, although in the air around the world, there is a real existence, but no one really go for you and a little waste of the disdain. As the mist is white open water evaporation out, with a zeal was the world of dust confined to the helpless, even if occasionally in the early morning sunrise again in order to do for a while to pave the way, that also is only the wink Yunyan nobody will therefore miss.

Himself, it seems that from the day of birth, the hit is doomed to struggle to float on the earth, and now he is like a fog, although in the air around the world, there is a real existence, but no one really go for you and a little waste of the disdain. As the mist is white open water evaporation out, with a zeal was the world of dust confined to the helpless, even if occasionally in the early morning sunrise again in order to do for a while to pave the way, that also is only the wink Yunyan nobody will therefore miss.

Themselves are helpless when alone, the thoughts welled up in my mind, like Li Qingzhao wrote of “under the brow but heart” into the autumn of EBOHR how could see river rolling eastward flow? Go to the east to the East, but the waves are the ages of the truly great men of their own now; and what is a ring? In this materialistic era of rampant heavy traffic if there is the last breath of his space? Blue Hui Guo choked throat, weak breathing in life to get rid of your body.

Oneself in frustrated? Gently over his heart asked myself. Otherwise why not only hurt the hearts of people. Heart some cold because the hearts of the tears, tears like their own thoughts but not willing to give a little comfort, I like the rain and tears as the water and the cooling of the memories, really hurt people but also hurt the heart.

Every little bit years myself like the wind blew……
Some people treat me as a treasure, in fact, “treasure” is not “treasure” also really does not matter, they just want to their children to have a life of happiness and they are father and mother; some people treat me as a tree, from childhood reading aloud already know, he in my meticulous care, they want their students one day in the future can become a towering tree, is their is a teacher. All this they have let in the black land; all the blackboard and chalk have become the witness of their lives. And what do I have to do with myself?

Inadvertently, disturb the mind, do not know when to forget the time to forget their own, static lift glance out the window not static seems to hold your breath. I do not know when the winter is coming, in the face of a world full of boundless still obsessed with summer memories. It seems that only when you can forget the worries and anxieties. Who knows what will this day be how long is this winter rain or fluttering silk Snow gleams white. next year?
The sound of the door to open up the idea, to take back the heart to see if they have the screen, but they are still trying, then know that they are themselves.
I love every one of my love in this world, including myself……
The wind is blowing up, so cold……

A hungry man

This guy from birth, not enough food, catch up with the most Chinese half starved’s.. Every dinner, he rushed to their copies finished, staring at a bowl of others howl, crying, side openly snatch cousin of the bowl in the food, grabbed two tears flowing.

It was the spring of 1960, and it seemed to be eaten. The roots, bark, grass on the eaves. One time the school was dragged to a good coal, he picked up a piece of it in the mouth to chew, the students also follow together, said the more chewing the more fragrant. A class, the teacher wrote on the blackboard, they chew coal at the bottom, giggle bang bang a loud, all a mouth black.

In 1976, he became a soldier, and from then on, and the hungry. From the recruits even assigned to the new unit, the small steamed bread of flour, he once ate eight, stomach empty, but I am sorry to eat. Cook the canteen manager said: bad, to the guts.

Later, the day is better, a feast, but he is still eager, afraid to get out of the like. A lot of friends against him, said he ate like a wolf to forget about one’s own, work with quiet hard application.

He once in a time, eat, eat, eat slowly, eat when the mouth is not noisy, the taste is not bad, when the folder is only one dish or a root of a bean sprouts, like a bird.

He would like to see a good repent thoroughly of one’s misdeeds, but, as it will be restored immediately. Each when he saw on television the crocodile swallowed tears hateful look side, immediately think of their own.

Of course, just the experience of hunger, not necessarily to become a writer, he can become a writer as a “rightist” college students said he knew a writer, wrote a book and had thousands of royalties. Heard that the writers eat three meals a day dumplings, but also fat stuffing, a bite, the fat began to take.

Red Sorghum

He does not believe that the world should have a wealth to eat three meals a day, but the students in the tone of contempt he said that people are a writer!

From then on, he knew, as long as a writer, you can eat dumplings every day three times, and meat stuffing. In the county, he made up his determination to be a writer when he grew up.

Gong Li

In order to eat three meals a day, he wrote a famous novel “Red Sorghum family”, and later by the director Zhang Yimou, adapted into the film “Red Sorghum”, and in the West Berlin International Film Festival awards. As a result, the novel is a sudden red three people, Gong Li, Mo Yan, Zhang Yimou.

Mo Yan

He is a famous writer, Mo Yan.

If you spend your life in the right way, the destiny will make you dream come to your side.