And warm memories

And warm memories


I stand at the door, watching the neighbors children out of their home, happily run to school, at first glance like the morning dew, bright flashes in the mist. Empty streets a few minutes ago, suddenly becomes colorful. Tinkling in the children‘s bags chink, sneakers with baggy wore, her lips still has residual milk. Now it is 8:30 A.M., dayschool life began.
16 years ago, no matter to me than taking the kids to school more enjoyable to me,and as keen as I am on the daily rituals of the world‘s father may be numbered. Most of my neighbors or by 8:30 A.M. on the subway or sitting at my desk and start theday hard work. Many of them are there for children face changing, there‘s no need for the daughter‘s hair, do not need to check that the child is brought together in school supplies. In this regard, they may be secretly happy. And I, when preparing for the children as a most enjoyable time in the day, see school as a favoritedestination.
I cherish this morning walking time: hold the child‘s hand, youran to me deeply, enchanted kindergarten. Meet the kids in the garden is a 15pound rabbit, ears for SAG, two song sweet Canary, a barrel looks set to become a frog, tadpole, a cylinder, and colorful tropical fish swimming, and affable teacher. On one wall of the room iswarm and cozy fireplace, next to the rocking chair and a big shelf almost to the ceiling. Another area is preparing for some future artists placed crayons and art supplies. Talent first little architects and engineers can be arbitrarily piling up here confine themselves to future botanists in the garden in little glasses just to sprout peanuts and beans.
Really don’t want to leave this vibrant world: Sun through the wide glass down, children‘s laughter fills the entire space. Revealing fresh in every corner, every minute there are amazing discoveries. I would like to get new skills, new ideas and new sensations. But the school bell will ring, the teacher would put the students up to a. Children‘s family also do the final care and guidance, well buckle the child wasn’t wrong button again, and then reluctantly walked away. I want to stay there, watched the children discuss the weather and face when the world is full of curiosity.
I reluctantly moved out of the classroom, near the back of the home, began their work. Whole blocks seem drab, still boring. In a fixed period of time, some children would rush to the playground, manufacture up to half an hour of confusion. I used to sit at a desk, attentively listening to the noise of moving, pondering over the samerestlessness of childhood.
3 o’clock in the afternoon, the tide is again higher up in the morning, open the heavy door of the school. First rushed out of the larger children. They flood to the sidewalk. The boys shouting, catch up with racing; girls expect to hand in hand, chirp, andoccasionally to the boys showed some disdain and some inquiring eyesReplica yellow gold love bracelet
After a few minutes, the youngest children are easily opened the door, looking around, looking to pick up their family.
5 year old daughter saw me, flew into my arms like a butterfly. This action leads meto after years of thought, and it is this I fell in love with the feeling of separation andreunion. Her in my arms to hang for a while, break, school backpacks and a rub crumpled notice handed to me, asking if I could make her friend Bailey home to play. Then, after a brief bargaining with the Bailey‘s mother, two the same age girl walkedaway hand in hand, the rest of the afternoon to the refreshments and they never got tired of the game. And I, accelerated through the colorful children, between a surrounded by swarms of small fish like large whales, enjoying this vibrant group of kidscompany.

If perfect quietly fermentation

If perfect quietly fermentation

A Taiwan doctor, opened a private hospital near the door,

If “perfect” quietly fermenting. Because of his superb and diligent efforts, reached the wise age of is wealthy, with him also were top celebrities, often busy in front. Doctors have a son and three daughters. Sons are handsome, bright eyes, her daughter is a graceful flower. Doctor has a habit of taking a walk after supper, and as long as her son. Every time you walk, are wide and his only son talk about life. He was decorating the rivers and pointing his fame outside of the hospital, and then to his son in earnest: “ambition in your chest, must not be delayed. Your perfect life, I have to draw you a picture into the best school, and then into the best medical school and studying abroad, back when the best doctors! ”
Walk, son from primary school to secondary school graduation, if efficacy is extraordinary. Docile son not only obedient, never plays slingshots threw stones, and, indeed, wise, third has not been giving families a taste of humiliation. In Taiwan after the best medical school, he was strangely bright and polite, diligent plus frequent news, communication is the future hero.
But a problem for the University, Taiwan has a provision that each man must perform military service for one year. Wasn’t a big deal, but for the future was the son of the brilliant reflection of red in the eyes of the father, this is a great loss. To give her son escape from military service, he rushed around, meet frequently, but still frustrating.
When my son served out to the island, doctor consoled himself: it’s a perfect life minus one year. He sent his son to the Shi Li Ting, warm hearted saying: “son, you must find a corner under recite English words. Remember! ”
Son came that year, days are longer than a century, even when doctors give people energy concentration. But age, after all, like water, seemingly motionless, and then quickly approaching expiry of time limit. Then one day, someone sent a bolt of news: doctor’s son unfortunately died in the camp!
Death thing is a mystery, military camps up and down the investigation, found only a minor altercation. For others, sleep and do not forget, sleep three should forget. But the doctor son, just staring at this little thing, forget the great expectations, he can’t bear, stormed a gun from drinking.
Doctors how to swallow such a hit! He therefore more rush run, angrily calling, not to find out the “persecution” clue not available. Over the years, his business practice, service declined. Money has become dry. He is Ecstasy down, eyes are pale yellow, an aging. Finally, one day, he picked off hospital signs. Door Lo que scene, he was prepared to ignore. Another winter, depressed for a long time the doctors at home sudden Thunder, cracked a fine glass of your cabinets. His wife trembling debris picked up outside the room, but then was locked out. His wife feel bad, struggling to break down the door, but it is too late, light columns, again screaming vocals … …
This is a true story that occurred nearly 10 years ago. But come to think of it, does such a thing, are still quietly brewing, fermentation, heating up, always likely to repeat itself?
This year United States there is a poll: “would you be willing to use Clone method to obtain a perfect child? ”
The results of opinion polls is that only 6% few people readily answer, 76% who is not tempted: “I do not destroy the nature. “Couples replied:” we adopted 4 children, they have a different skin color or family background. Don’t say ‘ perfect ‘, and they both looks, intelligence and perfect there is too great a distance. Two of the children, because of mental disorder, requires long-term patience and guidance. However, if someone with perfect clones and exchange of our children, we have only one answer: ‘ no! ’”
Accept “not perfect”, as different colors. Have different colors, it is possible to have a colorful life. Moreover, the lives of several “perfect” spot, is the reason people humility, compassion and cherish.
Think about it, if the doctor is not very bright, the son of man, and also naughty by nature, reverse gate difficult, if doctors one day meets a patient, that person or children aren’t going to worry about too much, or because of my journey through thick and thin and have hypertension or emphysema, the doctor will have our deepest sympathy and emotion. He is healing at the same time, understanding is also delivered warm.
As people who have been ill, will be a special tribute to life.

If the “perfect” in the quiet fermentation

If the “perfect” in the quiet fermentation
A Taiwan doctor, who opened a private hospital near the door of the house. Because of his skill, and diligent efforts, to the age of 40 is wealthy, and he made are also top celebrities, the door is often heavy traffic. The doctor has a son and three daughters. Son Meiqingmuxiu, daughter is a man of striking appearance, graceful flower. The doctor has a habit of walking after supper, and as long as he is accompanied by his son. Each walk is wide, and the only son to talk about life. He was pointing Jiangshan, and pointing his famous outside the hospital, then sincere words and earnest wishes to say to her son: “you ambition in the chest, must not be delayed. Your perfect life, I have given you a blueprint: into the best schools, and then into the best medical school, and then to study abroad, when the first flow of doctors!”
Such a walk, from the son of primary school to middle school graduation, if the effect is extraordinary. Son not only obedient docile, and never fight a slingshot to throw stones, and really clever, has not let the family tasted third shame. After entering the Taiwan best medical school, he is more brilliant colors and diligently refined and courteous, frequent news, communication is the future of man.
But to the university there is a problem, Taiwan has a regulation that every man must be a year of military service. What wasn’t a big deal, but for the future is brilliant son reflected eyeful red dad, this is really a great loss. In order to let his son to escape military service, he rushed out, but still meet frequently, and go down.
When the island served her son to go out, the doctor consoled himself: even in a year, minus the perfect life. He sent his son to the first Ten-li resting station, earnestly exhort: “son, the fuck you must find a corner back English bitter words. Remember!”
My son went that year, the day is longer than a century, the doctor to see a doctor, and even some of the energy can not concentrate. But years after all, such as running water, seemingly not actually in the ice, the moment is close to the expiration of the time limit. Suddenly one day, someone sent a message: a bolt from the blue son unfortunately died in the camp doctor!
It’s a mystery. The camp up and down the investigation, found a little quarrel. In other people, not forget to sleep, sleep three should forget. But the son of a doctor, just staring at this little thing, forget the great expectations, he could not forbear, angrily shot from drinking.
How the doctor can swallow such a blow! He so hasty run, angrily they had to find out the non “persecution” no clues. A few years later, he dropped out of service business. The money is growing, too. He is great artists, eyes dark yellow, aging. Finally one day, he had to pick up the hospital’s signature. In front of the house of the Luo bird scene, he also has no psychology. Another winter, doctors have been depressed for a long time in sudden thunder, the glass smashed expensive. His wife will pick up debris at the outside of the house, but it was locked outside. His wife feel bad, struggling to hit the door, but it’s too late, I saw flames as columns, and the smell of screaming vocals……
This is the true story of the past 10 years ago. But come to think of it, isn’t it, not still quietly brewing, fermentation, heating, always be repeated?
There is a public opinion poll in the United States this year: “do you want to use the method of cloning to obtain a perfect child?”
The results of a poll is very small only 6% of the 76% people who readily agreed, without love: “I don’t want to destroy the natural.” The couple replied: “we have adopted 4 children, they have a different color and family background. Don’t say ‘perfect’, they have a very big distance in their appearance, intelligence, and perfection. One of the two children, because of the mental barrier, need to be patient for a long time. But if someone uses the perfect clone to exchange with our children, we have only one answer: No ”
Accepting “not perfect” is like receiving a different color. Have different colors, it is possible to have a colorful life. And, in the life of a few “imperfect” spots, it is to make people humble, sympathetic and cherish the reasons.
Just think, if the doctor’s son is not intelligent, but unfortunately, a mischievous nature reverse disobedient one day, if the doctor met a patient, the person or for the children not to worry excessively, or because of his journey to have hypertension or hardships and dangers, emphysema, the doctor will have deep sympathy and feeling. He treats people, but also to pass understanding of the warmth.
Like a man who has been ill, it will be a special respect for life.

Doubt your price

Doubt your price
Many years ago, I lived in New York, I remember in a spring evening, I decided to go to a non Broadway musical performance. It was there that I first heard Salome Bey’s beautiful song. I was enchanted by her song. I believe she will be another Sarah Vaughan. Sarah Vaughan is the American jazz singer, has been known as the singer in the singer”.
It was a wonderful feeling. Although at that time the theater half empty, but is still singing Salome, so absorbed and song is still so beautiful, so beautiful, the whole play principle everywhere echoed her song, it can be said that her song brings vitality to the entire theater. Before this, I have never seen such a performance. Although the deserted audience makes me feel a little disappointed, but the wonderful performance of Salome still makes me excited. So I decided to write an article about her.
The second day, I tried to restrain his excitement, to show that there is one theatre with a phone call. I pretend to be a professional writer, and the writer’s voice asked: “Hello, may I ask Salome Bey in it?”
“Oh, she’s in, please wait a moment.”
“Hello, I’m salome.”
“Hello, Miss Bai, I am Nora Proffitt. I’m going to write an article for the Essence magazine to promote the achievements you have made in singing. I do not know whether you can attend and see me, so I can interview you through singing in the side of the road?”
Here, I can’t help thinking: “how can I say so? If the “essence” magazine to know it, they’ll put me up, and for her singing achievements I knew nothing at all!” At this time, I heard a voice in my heart at their shouts: “are you really in trouble!”
“Oh, of course,” Salome replied, “just next Tuesday I will make my fourth album. Could you come and see me in the studio? If you can, bring your photographer together.”
“With my photographer?!” Hearing this, my confidence suddenly disappeared in the heart to Not the least trace was found., very upset, “this time I can really ‘Cleverness may overreach itself. ah.”. I don’t even know who has a camera!”
“I’m thinking about one thing now,” Salome “is continued, recording after the end, I would also like to” hair, the city and on the highway of life “producer Mr. Gault McDermott went to Staten Island is located in the top of the church to attend a charity show. Why don’t you come and join us? I’ll introduce you to him.”
“Well, of course, of course I’m going,” I said, trying to put on a very professional tone, “that would make it a whole new perspective.”
“A brand new perspective? How do you know?” My voice just fell, the brain that critical voice immediately jumped out to me questioned.
“Thank you, Miss Bai,” I’m going to the end of the telephone conversation, he said, “next Tuesday I will come to visit you.”
When I hung up the phone, I could not help but be just a scared out in a cold sweat. I just felt like falling into quicksand, and it will soon be swallowed like, even have no chance to save your dignity.
The next few days are almost a flash. In these days, I’m not darted into the library, to find out who is Gault McDermott, is frantically looking for a 35 mm camera acquaintance, after all, to get a real photographer is impossible, because I have put all my money will be spent on Broadway theater on the ticket.
Maybe it’s my hard work and I’ve got a photographer. It was an accidental opportunity, and I had no intention of hearing that my friend Barbara had become a very good photographer. So I went to ask her for help. After a hard request, Barbara finally agreed to accompany me to interview.

In an instant, it’s Tuesday. I took Barbara as Miss Salome Bey rushed to the recording studio, she and Mcdermott Gault held a charity show top of the church. In the interview, although I still act like a professional like, sitting there, and if thoughtfully, from time to time in a yellow pad on the record, but I actually very nervous, afraid to mess it up. This is a simple question from the poor. Because, I always ask her questions “you can tell me……” Start. In contrast, Barbara is much more experienced than I was, when I was talking to Salome Bey, she is in our side, choose the suitable angle, to seize the opportune moment to press the shutter.
Soon, the interview was over. One out of the church, I went along the street, like a mad rush. After a long distance from the church, the church was out of breath. I really want to call an ambulance, because I feel that the pressure of the pressure on their own is about to die. But, in the end, I just got a taxi.
When I arrived home safely, I began to write. But, every word, I hear a small but very harsh voice in my mind! You’re not a writer at all! You’ve never written anything! Well, you don’t even have a decent shopping list! You will never succeed!”
Not only that, but I soon realized that while writing an article about Salome Bey fool is a simple thing, but as a professional writer for the “essence” of such a nationwide magazine is not a matter of an easy job to do, I said, it is almost impossible to the success of the. Suddenly, I felt a kind of invisible pressure to hit me, I pressed almost breathless.
Over the next few days, I have almost all of my body and mind in the writing of this article. I wrote it over and over again, and again and again, even I do not know how many times I have been rewritten, how many times the number of times. Finally, I finally feel satisfied. So, I take two double spaced carefully printed a neat manuscript, putting it in a large envelope, and enclosed a written address, I put enough stamps on the empty envelope, then put it into the mailbox. Back away after watching the postman took the letter, I feel very upset, and figuring out exactly how long to wait repeatedly in order to receive the “essence” magazine editor that reads “hate” two word rejection letter.
Waiting time is not very long. After about three weeks, my manuscript was returned, put my address in that I had written the letter. “What a shame it is!” I thought, “how can I imagine myself in a world dominated by a professional writer as a professional writer to compete?” I’m really stupid!”
I know I can’t face that letter writing editing is not love my work for various reasons of the rejection letter, so I simply did not even the demolition of demolition, wholly intact conveniently and threw it into a cupboard from me recently, and will soon forget it, the order I do torture experienced a painful experience on the spot.
Five years later, I’m going to move to California city to Sacramento in a marketing work. When I cleaned my flat, I suddenly found a letter that had not yet been sent to Kaifeng, and the address on the envelope was clearly written to me. “Why did I send this letter to myself?” I wonder. In order to reveal the mystery, I immediately opened the letter, the original is “essence” magazine editor to write. I read it with a question:
Dear miss puluofeite:
The story you wrote about Miss Salome Bey is so wonderful. However, we need you to provide some relevant notes and citations. Would you please fill it as soon as possible, and send it back to us, we want to publish your work in a magazine.
After reading this letter, I was stunned, for a long time to come to the. Because of the fear of rejection, I how to pay the heavy price! At least, I lost 500 dollars in royalties and articles published in the mainstream magazine on the opportunity, and this is the best that I can become a professional writer. What is more important, the fear that I have been unable to enjoy the pleasure of writing for many years, and has been unable to write a lot of high quality works. Today, I have published more than one hundred articles in the six anniversary of the day when I became a full-time freelance writer, looking back on that experience, I have come to an important lesson, that is: to doubt yourself, is to pay a very high price!

Dear child

Not without intervention in the hope project, but it is to receive a sum of money. The child actually met with the pair, or the first time.

The remote and quiet little village hall today decorated, from the beginning of the ceremony, a pai three each child is there sitting. They are very small, very good, a motionless. I have filled in a donor card, knowing that the other is a grade two boy, and now I’m far from the guess which is my child, so that one of the leaders of the speech is not listening to a half.

Finally there is a wear red clothes the boy was received in front of me, we on the on the stage is leaning on the legislation into a row, camera and scanning over.
Then I found that the presence of boys and girls arm almost two or three bars of the young pioneers cadre records, and my kids. And from the teacher’s introduction, these children are mostly excellent results, so I and the boy had the following dialogue.
When the first grade teacher said he was a poor student, now at the medium. I said, no relationship, the score is not the most important. The teacher said, but the child is sensible, unlike other boys as naughty. I said, you can be naughty some of the. His face looked at me, even rehearsed “thank you auntie” such word forgot to say.
We cut it off for the time being. Later, it turned out that in addition to me almost all the donors pre donated by the object provided at least deserving a condition, the most demanding a woman even provided the including ten ranking, appearance, height, gender, whether or not obedient, health status, family status and other requirements. Rustic teacher actually according to the conditions found a child, television broadcast lens in their residence time is the longest. And I hope to deprive the woman of her from my heart. According to these harsh conditions, my children will not be eligible for donation, and why, we come up with a few hundred dollars, on their own for the children who are eligible for this!

And the children only get along a very short time to break up. The impression of my child all along the silence, not see him smile, sad people.
If this is the hope project, and I only hope my dear well De, kid, you want a lot of smiles.

The beauty of feeling

April 17, 2008, we have a line of 11 people came to Shanxi. The sky was grey, for the city is covered with a layer of mystery. In this ancient land, contains a rich heritage of Chinese culture; stands the majestic mountains and rivers; glints off of the legendary brilliant culture of Shanxi merchants. We have the honor to enter the treasure house of this culture, the beauty of the Jin dynasty.

Understanding the beauty the ancient city of beauty. Pingyao County is located in the central Chinese in northern Shanxi Province, king was founded in the Western Zhou period, which has a history of 2700 years. So far, it has preserved the basic features of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, which is the most complete ancient city in China. Pingyao ancient city known as the turtle said, and not because of the age and the old turtle compared, but overlooking the German town of Pingyao shaped like a turtle, bird’s eye view of the ancient city of Pingyao, more make person strange way. This is a flat square of the wall, shaped like a turtle, the city gate six, North and south, each of the two. South Gate City for the glans, two wells outside the binocular symbol of the tortoise. The north gate of the turtle tail, is the lowest in the city, all the water in the city outflow. Weng Cheng City four things, both the relative and Simon, Simon, the east gate of the Shing Mun Weng Cheng were to Nankai, the shape of protrusive clawed turtles, only under the outer gateway to the east gate Wengcheng straight to the East, is said to be building the city probably turtle crawls away will be straightened his left leg, tied in the two years from the city of the foot of a hill and Taiwan. This seemingly false legend, shone with the ancients of tortoise worship extremely. The tortoise is immortal, in the eyes of the ancients as natural as holy gods. Setting it implies hope by the power of the turtle God, to the ancient city of Pingyao is as firm as a rock, Jintang YONGGU, safe and sound, the immortal of profound meaning, of course, there are intended to take the “turtles” Yongshou abideth. Street patterns as “soil” glyph, building layout is comply with the gossip of the range, reflecting the distribution at the time of the Ming and Qing Dynasties urban planning concept and shape.

Both inside and outside the city there are more than 300 all kinds of sites, ancient buildings, to preserve the integrity of the Ming and Qing Dynasties houses nearly 4000 seat, street shops reflect historical appearance, is called the living specimens of ancient cities in China. The Pingyao County cultural center, is the birthplace of China financial industry. The first bank of China was born here, known as “the Wall Street of ancient china”. The largest is created in during Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty, to “Huitong” is famous in the world of China’s first seat ticket “Rishengchang”.
The beauty of the beauty of the temple and the beauty of the temple. When I trod a thousand and eight steps, climb to the top of the peak of Mount Wutai, smelling the rosin dating back thousands of years, stepping on the creaking boards, landed on the wooden pillars supporting the temple, the pro cliff, adversity or cliff, just like a volley of birds. Look at people in religious worship, let me feel the mystery of Buddhist culture, broad and profound.

The beauty of the beauty of the beauty of the beauty, the beauty of the snacks. Pingyao beef Wenmingquanguo, ruddy color, pork veins clearly visible, very attractive appearance; eat it is meat is tender, fragrant smell, chewing teeth. Interestingly, just out of the pot of beef, the knife does not cut the taste out, and as long as with a knife a pull, suddenly rich meat will nostrils, a tongue Sheng Jin, spit saliva dripping, Huanen taste, unique ingredients, taste the beef Pingyao people are full of praise.

Five thousand years of history in Shanxi, look at it to see its magnificent scenery places of historic interest and scenic beauty, look at it, the culture of shanxi……
Let us come to Shanxi, the beauty of the Jin dynasty!

Rookie year-end summary

He is a rookie in the workplace, the so-called food, is the tender vegetables leaves, green, crisp, gently ninety percent off on the break. After graduating from college, he was dressed in such a thin wing, he was in the market department of a company. But he was betting a sigh of relief, he hopes to have been able to pick off the rookie. The label, let it become full-fledged. Yes, who do not want to be in the workplace. Prawns!
The first year, year-end summary, well, he wrote copious and fluent thousands of words, the printing paper A4 to fill 3 pages. The work of the first half of the year as the menu to the column out:

White, always the first to come to work, the last one to work;
Is also responsible for the office of the office of water, clean;
Do a market survey every week!
Have done two large-scale questionnaire survey;
He went on to write: “I am diligent, enthusiastic, hard-working, active thinking – – – – – – I hope in the new year, as soon as possible to integrate into the collective, and the company common development and common progress. Do their own work, is my most firm belief.
At the end of the second years, he was told to hand over the end of the year. When he was informed, he was and his colleagues to get back to the office. Off his cotton padded jacket, still feel very hot, promotion is done very lively. His heart was also Jiaore is ah, see the company thriving, he has an irrepressible excitement. He wanted to think, exactly, last year the year-end summary of the computer is still in it, back in the evening changed the inscribed date, can also be reused, good.
Turn on the computer, he hesitated. Last year’s summary is still in, but his mind is no longer last year. He put the mouse has been to drop, watching the first two pages of the journal, Gaga laugh twice, it is estimated that last year we saw the always laugh, delete. Go down, it is also some Xing heroic utterance, delete.
What to write?
He remembered something that happened in the last month. He was assigned to a department store at the entrance to a department store to do promotions, the program by the Ministry of planning, they just need to implement the program can. See the programme, he Leng once, because the activities give gift remains the same as last time, their company’s products, hand cream. Remember last promotion, he deliberately propaganda about to launch a new product, the skin of water, found that many customers are interested and coming back, he put the survey results also wrote the text submitted to the director, director, said, the next promotion Mini some toner to the trial installed.

Perhaps is director of the forgotten, perhaps, director of director of the idea, anyway, hand cream or, skin water or are the company’s products, can be used. He hesitated, and finally asked the director. Director, we don’t need this trial toner?.
Oh, oh? Head tilted his head, suddenly think, ouch ouch! His feet quickly, almost ran to the planning department.
Then, the planning department to work overtime to modify the program; logistics department work, will be ready in hand cream. Out of toner, he has to work overtime, accept the plan from the planning department, logistics department to receive gifts. 10 in the evening, he was in the elevator and the logistics department, planning department to work colleagues meet. The elevator crowded, he will feel shy for their own, in a word, hurt so many people to work overtime. But there’s a man in the middle. Thanks to the change in time, if wait until tomorrow when the promotion to remember, difficult, no one complained, no people prosecuted for overtime reasons for the original just because a small character word.

Thought of here, he is very moved. He knocked on a line of characters in the computer. Deeply realized that a company needs a team of cooperation and efforts, I hope that in the new year, to better and colleagues cooperation.
At the end of the third years, he knows the boss will set up a required assignment – the end of the year. 12 one day at the end of the month, he opened the end of last year’s summary.
Along last year’s ideas to go down, in fact, and colleagues get along very hard, the day gradually long, to find that everyone has more or less shortcomings. Some people are mean, some people procrastination, some good work, some people complain, if a collision and their disadvantages, a sassy’s lethality than bigger. He’s really not willing to do that.
His fingers the drift on the keyboard, screen cursor blink, he constantly want to Heng, suddenly in front of aura and the shortcomings of everyone he saw, the advantages of each person, he also saw ah. For example, some people are always very passionate, some people do things very stable, some people are impatient but very effective, some people have a recognition of inspiration, especially many.
If you get along with them, you should be a happy journey.

He cracked the computer in the possession of a word. I hope that with these outstanding colleagues, sincere cooperation, the advantages of their own to fully play out, together to promote our cause.
The director took his summary to see for a while, the boss saw his summary also stay for a while. The boss after reading his year-end summary, in his dry crisp Lee landing after the office, smiled, and in February 1, 2004, the first day of the new year after work, he was appointed director of the marketing department. A supervisor is good at digging the advantages of each employee, mobilize the enthusiasm of each person. CEOs know that he already has a supervisor’s quality.
At last he was no longer a rookie, he flapped plump wings, in the sky fly comfortably.

Cheer for Guo Jingjing

The evening of August 17, 2008, the Beijing Olympic Games diving competition to continue in the water cube. In the high-profile women’s three meters in the final, the Chinese diving leader Guo Jingjing to withstand the enormous pressure, with 415.35 points to win the championship. In this Olympic stage, she with beautiful, chic, elegant movement posture, difficult, high quality, stable quality of action, to a person’s “product” color, has attracted the attention of the world, the world’s admiration, cast a life of light. Guo Jingjing, you are proud of the Chinese, we cheer for you!

In the women’s three meters in the final, Guo Jingjing is always in the leading position in her every round of the jump is a Xing, every time the water is not smooth, every action is so beautiful. But don’t smile to the end, you can not relax. At that time, Guo Jingjing was the last one in all the players, after the Russian star Pakhalina completed the beautiful last jump, you take the pressure on the springboard. Under pressure, you don’t want to, you are very beautiful to complete the game. After you enter the water, the audience burst into applause. Scene to supervise the Chinese diving team leader also breathed a sigh of relief, all before the referee did not score knew this gold medals already belongs to you! You in the water cube to perfect way successfully defended and four time Olympic career will campaign medals in rewrite four gold, 2 silver and career 25 world champion. Diving queen. The title is a well deserved. Guo Jingjing, you created a personal myth, we cheer for you!

In the face of major changes in his life, in the face of all sorts of criticism of public opinion, you wisely chose silence. After you take the national team, the whole body heart into normal and hard training. In training, you are not distracted, but not because of injuries and stop training. Therefore, your physical quality has been quickly recovered, the competitive level is also steadily recovering, competitive ability has been steadily improved. Even more gratifying is that your ability to control the movement greatly improved, while the height and intensity of the action to be enhanced. Guo Jingjing, you are optimistic and strong, tight encirclement, and then following the brilliant, march forward courageously, we cheer for you!

In the face of the media praised, but you are very calm, you say. I have never thought of what the Queen “gold” and the like, as long as the normal training, to carry out normal competition, regardless of what the results are normal.. You said. Every game, I can play a normal level, there is little too far off the performance. In the Athens Olympics, I had once played a super level, and I have never done it. However, the level of play is not available, I have never asked myself to exceed the level to play, because I know that the game is on the strength rather than luck. So, when I play the mind is relaxed, can play a normal level can be. As far as the first row in the first few, Deng is the referee’s things, we have no intention of any intention.. Yes, peace of mind, strict training, stable play, rich experience, created a the World Diving Queen, and she won the victory over the enemy. Magic weapon.. However, this. Magic weapon. So extraordinary, ordinary people tend to ignore its existence. Guo Jingjing, we applaud you for your calm, modest, and enterprising!

Guo Jingjing, you use a strong power, so that the world’s people all over the world focus on China’s diving you with first-class technology, so that China’s diving into the world’s top. Your spirit of constantly surpassing yourself will always inspire me, and I will give you a loud cheer!

Have a dream of you, is doomed to be lonely



Everyone has their own dreams, but not everyone will be in the end for the dream, because many of the dream is not understood by the people from the beginning.

People will look at these dreams of people with different eyes, it is people’s strange eyes blinded the whereabouts of dream around, their choice, so many people are therefore choose the far away from my dream, live a easy life madding crowd. If you have a dream, it means you are going to take a different path. You will suffer a lot of ridicule and sarcasm dream on the road, you are also the root without the help and support of others. Dream of you have never been a person in the struggle, a person to support their own dream, much people look at the same time, go on the road is not the same. So, there is a dream of you, is bound to be lonely.


I admit that sometimes I envy those who have no dream, every day can lead a comfortable life. I envy them that they can come to the world in a hurry, and live a life of peace and ease, and then rush to leave, but never for a man named “dream” of things, because they may not know the existence of this thing, of course, they do not need to know. They enjoy the comfort and ease of life, the status quo, always think dream is far away, even if the dream I just think, so their life path always pay, immutable, hurried to, in a hurry to go. Yes, I admire their ease of life, really, that’s a long time ago. You are a person with a dream, your life is not ordinary road, God will not make your life easy. If you decide to pursue a dream, it means that you have to walk the path from the others, which means you do not gregarious, which means you are heterogeneous in most people’s eyes. You are doomed to be lonely in the pursuit of dreams.


No one will help you, even you, at relatively cold waiting, because your dream is not to be understood. People can’t understand and examine your dreams, even they think you are in talking nonsense, everyone stood in the side waiting to see your joke, there is spare time to help you. Don’t be jealous of the comfort of those who have no dreams, nor regret for what they are. Who told you that you have a dream? Who told you not satisfied? Who told you that you are not the same as the road? Have a dream of you, is doomed to be lonely. Either lonely or vulgar.


You have a dream, is doomed lonely, not gregarious. No one will have pity on you, no one can sympathize with you, you never fight a lone battle. Tears, you yourself can help wipe your; setback, you have only yourself to cheer myself up; pain, you can only own talk yourself. Dream on the road, you will see more and more people due to insist on not down and back, but you are a brave man, a man with a dream, wilt thou easily retreat? Remember, even if the whole world has abandoned you, you still have a dream. All the tears, all the pain, all the pain, you can only be buried in the heart, because you have a dream, you have to continue to move forward, you have no time to cry, not empty, not angry, but should not give up easily. You must carry his great and not be all dream of understanding Starchaser month by month, rain and wind. After the mountains, and only dream together to advance and retreat, then you will really understand what dreams of power, aloof shoegaze a way different kind of scenery, but still with a smile to go on.


Ears and sounded the familiar melody, is the dream of the symphony. Waiting is wasting youth. There are still a lot of ways to go ahead, and many pits to go, there are many to break. Life is to keep on fighting, to fall, to pray more than to do. Time goes by without words, sail past the best, hard, pay, adhere to, struggle, asking for no result how, but beg youth without regret. Years later, at least you can proudly say to yourself: “I have fought for the dream, I have no regrets!” So, those who have dreams and courage, let us go! All the way through, whether bear fruit, whether airness, we do the what he ought to do, the next and then hand over to the time!