Invisible love

Invisible love
One summer evening, it was very good. I went for a walk in a clearing, he saw a small boy about 10 years old and a woman. That children are only very rough evasive fight one set up on the Earth, and he has seven or eight meters away from the glass.
The child can sometimes miss a projectile metres, but also fluctuated. I stood not farbehind him, he hit the bottle, because I haven’t seen a Slingshot so poor children. The woman sitting on the grass, picked a heart from a heap of stones, gently passed into the hands of children, smiling peacefully. The child would put stones on leather,out, and took another one. Can be seen from the woman‘s eyes, she is the mother of the child.
The child seriously, hold your breath, aiming for a long time, didn’t hit a shot. Stoodby them but I could see that he must not hit this play, but he kept playing.
I walked up and said to the mother:
Let me teach him how to play?
The boy stopped, but still looked at the bottle directions.
He smiled a smile of my mother. No, thanks! She paused, looked at the child and softly said, he couldn’t see.
For a long time, I muttered, “Oh … … Sorry! but why?
The other children play.
“Uh……” and I said, “but he … … How can you hit?
I told him, there will always be hit. Mother calmly said, the key is that he did not.
I was silent.
For a long time, the boy the frequency gradually slowed down, and he was tired.
His mother did not say anything, also picked up a small stone is very serene,smiling, just pass the pace slowed.
I found this very regular beat the boy, he hit a shot, a bit to one side and hit a shot,then point, then slowly moved back.
He knew only that general direction!
Night wind hits, crickets singing in the bushes, and the stars in the sky there are barely discernable. Issued by the pimp crackling sound and collapsing on the floor ofa stone banging sound was still monotonously repeats. For the kids, night and daydoesn’t make any difference.
Another long, the night off, I could not see the bottle contour.
Today he was not hit. I think. Hesitated, they say good bye, turned and walked to the back.
Not far out, a bottle of crisp cracking sound came from behind.

Faith is a seed

Faith is a seed
One year, a United Kingdom expeditions into an area of the Sahara desert, in the vast sand Sea Trek. Sun, flying and sand like the fried red iron General, head of the expedition faces. Thirsty hot, burningall the water is gone. At this time, Captain of the expedition took a pitcher, said: there is a pot of water, but before crossing the desert, one can drink.
A pot of water, became the source of faith through the desert, has become the target survival hopes. Water bottles in the hands of players passed, that heavy feeling ofthe players on the verge of despair on his face and look determined came. Finally, the expedition stubbornly out of the desert, out of the hand of death. Everyonecried, with a trembling hand unscrew the pot supportflow slowly out of the waterfor their spirit, was a pot full of sand!
Under the scorching sun, the vast desert, really saved them, and where is that a potof sand? Their persistent belief, have as a seed take root in their hearts, ultimately led them out of the desperate.
In fact, life never really desperate. No matter how much hard, no matter how muchsuffering, as long as a person‘s heart with a faith seed, then one day, he can get out of trouble, let life come to fruition.(cartier love bracelets Replica
Life is like this, as long as the seed is, hope is in.

Lily’s story

Lily‘s story
I don’t remember the boy‘s way, and I don’t know his name, he never told me. I don’t know what to do now, he grew up in, remember that summer, but I still remember.
The crowd bustling, dusty streets, I have a small flower shop. Grew up I on dream with himself has a between glass spent housing, heap full color fun of spent, Sun through spotless of glass as came in, most important of, I to in spent housing of Central, Sun in, put a Zhang wood of small Roundtable, then with a simple of no decorative of glass spent bottled full a vase of white lily, and now, I on sat in a House spent of middle, afternoon of Sun are as in Lily spent Shang.
I note the boy some time, almost every week, he will come, lie on the glass to see Lily, his mouth half open, obsessed with eyes, I‘ve never seen a boy looked at the flowers so focused. Most boys to buy flowers are roses and baby’s breath, go pay the money spent, and not even see one eye. But he was a long time with the kind of concentration and even some loving eyes looking at me Lily, I could not help but to pay attention to him.
He spent a long time, I will smile to see him in the store, but he never looked away too. Until one day, I walked out of the store to greet him, and he jumped, ran, disappearing into the crowd. Then he hasn’t been for a long time, I regret, in the mood, asif you had accidentally trodden carefully pile up a child‘s Sand Castle.
One day in the summer, he walked into my shop, red face does not speak, as if gathering courage, about my smile made him feel at ease, he finally said that how muchmoney? I told has he, that when Lily also not as now as over are is, is is expensive of a spent, and he also not as is a body has many pocket money of children, so I on from vase in taking a branch handed to he, didn’t thought he rush to put hands back to behind, also back has a step, he see with I, said: “I don’t. However, you can let mework here, I don’t want your money, just...... he looked spent. I have never used a laborer, this is my dream, no guests when I like a person who quietly spent, but I readily agreed with him.
He works very hard, but not much experience, even though I gave him a pair of gloves, he often rose tied his hands, often speckled scars on his arm. Sometimes busy, he would see, I took a bunch of flowers in a jumble of sticks out. I have to say, he is avery quiet boy, silent as his age.
Once I caught sight of him standing next to the small round table, a wave of ecstaticlook on his face, a hand reaches out, like trying to touch the lily, his fingers are long,gently forward, several times to meet spending and drew back. I whispered: you cantouch, not feeling bad. He startled, very embarrassed to run to one side to find another job, for a long time, he suddenly said, really like her spent. Who?I and myclassmates. His face was red.
One day he didn’t come until late the next day, half of his face is swollen, stuffy to me saying: sorry, my dad locked me home yesterday and managed to come out today. Floating with tears in his eyes, no more explanation, but I can imagine what kindof situation, I could not help but pity from the heart, and said to him: you don’t come and it doesn’t matter, I’m going to give you flowers. He said loudly: no, no, I have to finish this summer. Then he came to his work very erratically, and sometimescan not come for several days, as always, are wound on his body. I love him, he is often asked if he wanted me to go and explain, I could give him some money to givehome pay, but he always refused, he said: this is my business, my own things.
Finally arrived on the last day of summer vacation, that it was very dark, the rain blowing in the air, the morning he dressed neatly in my shop, help me to work until this afternoon, I put all my lilies together, roots with wet cotton wrapped with cellophane and a beautiful white satin ribbon tie. He looked at me, eyes glistening, waiting forme to give him a bunch of flowers, he‘s excited face, it took a long time, I closed myeyes, I can see it. When the rain outside is already very big, I see him hunched over, loving flowers, walked away in the rain, I had to say a frustrated, remember when I was young, who faint, always will be, but never say it has in mind. I was thinking: that Ihad never seen the girl, really happy.
He came again the next day, I asked him: give flowers to her? His face is the happiness of quiet, nodded, shook his head and said, I put it in front of her house. I amvery surprised, he used such a difficult summer for flowers, was not personally in herhand, he could see that I was startled and said low: in fact, I have never spoken with her.
I think I can understand his feelings, because I have less years. Later, I have not seenhim, but I often wondered, if he would always remember the summer, white lilies inthe summer, there is, the girl who got to spend, whether life will commemorate those lilies with sweet gratitude. My flowers in the House, there are the small round table, clear glass, I‘ve never been into other flowers, only Lily.  

A strange experience of a tour guide MM

A strange experience of a tour guide MM
I was in Beijing, the stem travel for seven years, when the university entrance exam is Bei Wai small language, after don’t like to sit in the office, the resignation of then dry the tour guide, my major is Malay, Indonesian, natural also Southeast Asian guests.
Actually wealthy people in Southeast Asia or in our Chinese majority, visitors to play, ethnic Chinese account for more than half, have an interest in their culture and history of the motherland, came to Beijing in addition to the five most famous attractions, basically half of the Malay regiment and 1 / 3 the Indonesian delegation to go to Chengde, after some experience in the past few years, to Chengde group I is to push and push, in fact, Charest several guides not willing to go to Chengde, in addition to several boys in no way — they went to Chengde can with the driver high, travel agency cost savings.
Say so much nonsense, we have to ask, what is the hotel Chengde, Chengde’s friends have to shoot me, you do not worry about me.
Go to Chengde in general we live two contract Hotels: Ys and ll. I live more ys, ll’s story is to listen to talk about the peer.
In 2002 for the first time I went to Chengde, when Jingcheng high speed has not been fixed, road into the store and the delay time, our group to local is already at 10:30 p.m., after dinner, accompany with us to stay at the hotel, presumably 12:30 midnight. I was dead tired, the allocation of tasks given to accompany, seated himself on the sofa in the lobby while the rest, while watching porter from the car luggage. And general hotel, the lobby door has an automatic revolving door, and a common double glass door, luggage away turnstiles very troublesome, must have come to open the glass door. Glass door is a certain weight, we all have common sense, generally we want to push the door to about a right angle position, the door will be fixed, open to both sides. The bellboy get finished all the baggage, the cart, I happened to glance at the gate of one eye, suddenly saw in without any external force and wind, the glass door incredibly slow slowly opened, and reached a maximum angle, the.
At that time I did not react, but also silly ran to the door to look, what is nature did not see. ewelry online wholesale and retail stores
That night, and our driver is to accompany the couple to sing, anyway does not go back to the hotel, at that time I was not happy, because the next day would also like to go back to Beijing, in case of fatigue driving out of the thing to do. I dragged my tired two legs back to my room.
The room is not new and old, local four certainly with no more than Beijing, although known as quasi star, bath shower curtain is yellow. Turn on the TV, draw the curtains, and open the water. Wash out later discovered that just opened a good TV, into a snow screen, no way, turn off the TV quickly go to sleep, the second day will also go to Mountain Resort.
About 3:00, slept in a dazely, I suddenly in a thin voice sober come —- that voice is like the shower gently in the bathroom of humming, intermittent, is a woman’s voice.
At that time, I am a Jiling wake up, the first reaction is see the phone a few points, if the next guest bed bath, I overslept. Phone display seems to be 3:20, at the same time the rise of a scare me, TV do not know when to open, a piece of snow. People may think I should first see the TV, in fact, I was 450 degrees of myopia, the contact lenses are basically a semi blind, I sleep when they open corridor lights.
At that time the song also disappeared, I was strange how to open the TV, but because it is too difficult, but also not too concerned about.
In the twinkling of an eye at dawn, I just went to the restaurant saw several of the guests gather in together very excitedly say what, this group of guests is Malaysia, the Chinese will Chinese. There are six Malay Muslim, only English and Malay. They saw me in the past, it rushes round to come over, originally the Malays in get up at four o’clock in the church, see the dirty things.
Malay a day to do five times a week, the earliest time is early morning 45 points, the aunt said, the moment she finished in the first knock up, see a woman in front of her and walked past, exactly said is floating in the past. I felt not Kaopu, that Aunt head towards the next time is too long, a bit dizzy dishes, comforted her two, aunt a Jin said Allahuakbar, is probably Allahu Akbar! What, also said that the next time will not come back to the hotel the
At this time there are several Chinese guests also said feeling stood by the bedside person. I felt these people xiaqihong, that the hotel is not good to call a spade a spade, gave me these bizarre, in order to avoid me and went down to the lobby, then see the local guide and driver is coming back.
To accompany is a big sister, saw me and asked, how did you sleep, I said yes ah, that is, the guests all right thing to find, so he took the guests in the restaurant and I said the words and studied once more.
Sister to Staveley, said: “this is not afraid of you, we ask you to sing, sleep in the KTV than here”. Drivers also chimed in with: “for the first time to call you to follow the master, life and death also not to, like I wanted to take advantage of you like, this scared by it?!”
At that time, I was a little, just a dry year, also do not feel how, think they want to tease me to play to frighten me, but such a thing with my second sequence three times to Chengde occurred again.

Here lies a timid Warrior

Here lies a timid Warrior

Bracy is a 7 year old little boy, he was a timid person. 5 year old kindergarten teacher organizations we went swimming, everyone jumped in the pool, only Bracy stand shivering on the platform. Classmates laughed at him, he would cry, is not willing to go. At the age of 6, Bracy was primary school. A class camping, others sleep in their sleeping bags, he was the only exception, must be huddled together with their teachers. Students to take the cable car, he dared not; students learn to shoot, he was afraid to pick up a gun; the students jump, he stands far more. Bracy has a nickname called “grey-yellow bird.” Sometimes, students engage in activities together, if you flub or unwilling to do anything, get this assessment: “the bear as well as Bracy. “Obviously, Bracy has become the” weak “and” timid “and” incompetence “are synonymous.

During the spring, Bracy was 7 years old. Bracy parents don’t know why this kid is so timid. Bracy has a brother called Ou Weier, unusually bold, although only two years older than buleisida, but it is different. Bracy parents Bracy to the hospital, but did not find anything abnormal. Doctors said Bracy “womb” in what had shaken. Bracy parents think that doctors say is nonsense, and came back and stopped him.

One day, Ou Weier pocket and stealing a pack of cigarettes from her father, caught by Bracy. Ou Weier Bracy shook out his fist, warns Bracy not to complain, otherwise we will be eating a fist. Bracy nodded. Ou Weier also hates his brother is too weak, he wanted my brother to learn it a bit rough, so he asked his brother if he was willing to learn to smoke with him. Bracy said yes.

Ou Weier with Bracy and raced to the mountains two kilometers away from home, Ou Weier is being brought here first learn to smoke, and finally learned. He hoped that Bracy in this secret place learn smoking. He then Bracy will also teach more exciting things.

Very quiet around, Bracy can hear your own heartbeat. Ou Weier sophisticated lights, and then to the brother. Bracy took a first bite, spicy he mouth boss, gasping, her face red with suppressed. Then draw the second, third, and each one, he’s sick, but he insisted on because Ou Weier encourages eye makes him feel a force.

However, Bracy to seventh when smoke, Ou Weier suddenly heard a car motor noise came, he immediately hands of Bracy smoke take it, together with its own smoke put out, step up the dirt and listen quietly.

Bracy are Ou Weier alert scare, held his breath and was going to ask Ou Weier what happened, but Ou Weier finger, made a muted command.

Ou Weier from half-naked slopes climb through dense interwoven trees, he found that a jeep was parked not far in front. Bracy also saw this scene and saw the car sitting in a big fat full face beard, hold bottle in his hand, constantly drinking, mouth sounds, not knowing what he was mumbling. Soon, the fat man came out from the car. He was holding a gas hose, into the car’s tail pipe. Due to the large hose has no exhaust pipe, so, the hose will slide out. So, the fat man and the gas hose with a handkerchief into the tail pipe in the back of a jeep, then staggered back into.
“No, the fat man to commit suicide! “Ou Weier whispered anxiously to Bracy said.
Bracy asks in horror: “what can we do? ”

Ou Weier says: “you don’t move, I climb the handkerchief out. “Ou Weier said slowly climbed the past, secretly pulled out a handkerchief, come out of the gas hose fall off naturally. Ou Weier slipped back. Big fat man desperate to drink wine in a car, kept shouting. A hard, thinks the car will explode, but the car still. Big fat seems to be awake, he walked down, found behind the handkerchief off the vehicle to the ground, thought he was not ready, and the gas hose into exhaust pipes, plugged with a handkerchief.

Ou Weier bravely climb again, quietly pulled out a handkerchief. Big fat very strange, he was still dazed, while drinking, car, gas pipe again and handkerchiefs back on vehicle exhaust tubes, and then got back in the car, and then slowly drank the wine in the bottle.

Suddenly, the fat man in the front seat of the car mirror saw crept to the back of the Ou Weier: Hun guy turned out to be the monkey! Big fat for a pound, quietly, when Ou Weier pulled out a handkerchief, he reached out and grabbed him, and Ou Weier slamming to the ground.
Bracy has seen it all.

Big fat new handkerchief stuffed into the car’s tail pipe and gas pipe. He laughed: “I’m ready to die, to accompany the dead still had a little bastard, that’s great! “Ou Weier struggled, but too small, fat man caught him into the car. Bracy watched, I do not know how to do.

Fat man on Ou Weier cried what sound could be heard very clearly. In fact, Bracy was in no mood to listen to, he now is, how do you like his brother’s, crept past the handkerchief from the tail pipe of the car down. But he was too frightened, he was shivering. Although it tells him that he should climb as quickly as possible, as soon as possible, because even a minute later a second late, may make even with two people died in an explosion in his own. Bracy cried, he keeps crawling. Every step of the climb is so laborious, difficult. Bracy hit yourself on the head, I hate that I don’t have the guts, hate myself not brave—like brother brother Ou Weier climbed three times in the past.

Bracy has no choice, he clung to the ground, constantly push fingers due to tension, grasp to catch the blood. He heard screaming brother Ou Weier, brother pain stimulates him. But he did, and he continued to climb slowly, very slowly.

With every step, he had to stop. While stopped, he fears that the approaching car is going to explode. He is getting close to the car, closer and closer to the handkerchief. Finally he took the handkerchief, and then quickly pulled out. Gas pipe fell out of the tail pipe.

Bracy full of sweat from his face, his clothes wear to tatters and gone out of the belly of blood. He does not know this, he came up with a handkerchief, he was relieved. However, he had a chance to take a step back, the car. “Shout” is a, recede.

Car failed to explode, but it will grind flat—Bracy as Bracy a bunch of colorless flowers, deep into the Earth. He’s small and cowardly to let him die and when they have no chance to call an audible. Ou Weier barking rushed out of the car, the fat man was also stunned by the scene at the moment: he did not expect to catch out a man not afraid to die, other daredevil people came! But he was cruel to his grind off, grind it off like a bunch of tiny flowers.
Bracy is dead. He saved two lives with a weak body.

Bracy of the students and parents of students as well as Bracy is a community of people you know, I don’t know, acquaintances, strangers, men and women, old and young, are all here. Bracy’s tombstone was engraved with these words: “this lies a timid Warrior. “Many of his classmates cried to see the words. Cemetery next to a pine tree, I do not know who was the first in the yellow scarf tied with a little above, and articles II, III, and is a tree full of yellow shawl, are countless. They silently around the Bracy’s cemetery, the wind blows, people seemed to feel: Bracy delicate hands are coming out of the ground like a flower bud, expressing his spring nostalgia

Cut perfect hands

Cut perfect hands

He used to be the eyes of the people not understand geek.

In high school, because he’s that good, have a chance to walk from famous University in front of him, he don’t.

To the college entrance examination, he paid a very high score, instead chose to bitter and tired of geology.

After graduation, so called man of him on campus, and the few good fancy, but he was asked to do a geological one, do a end of Geological team.

A lot of people don’t understand his choice, he would always laugh and have no comment.

Finally, one day, he is being asked again why do they choose open mouth: France famous sculptor Auguste Rodin, carefully sculptured a statue of writer Balzac: Balzac’s eyes, wearing a robe with wide sleeves, hands naturally overlap in the chest. Rodin called his three students came to appreciate his masterpiece. Unexpectedly, three students invariably attracted by statues on this pair of lifelike hand, repeatedly praise: “well, this is really a wonderful pair of hands! “Rodin student in the face, I felt hands-plastic fantastic, but as part of a whole, is too prominent, play a dominate role. Therefore, he found a great axe, axed the perfect hands. Several students were stunned by Rodin’s move.

In fact, in [appreciate love stories during the rainy season net] life, this “perfect hand” can be seen everywhere, it always and everywhere to entice people to forget the initial pursuit of the essence of life, often therefore embarked on a path that runs counter to the ideal. Only decisively cut off those “perfect”, the temptation to cut down those localized and temporary, real, loneliness, devote themselves to do the things you want to do, to sculpture a life perfect.

Saying these words, he has made three ministerial, three Bureau of science and technology progress award of achievement; produced two albums about the three-dimensional seismic prospecting in many professional publications has published hundreds of papers on. Assume a very important national research program. Moreover, he also used their exquisite heart go through every inch of the beauty of nature, wrote many poems full of pride, passion, love, wisdom, become a geological poet, a poet who know how to pursue true beauty of life.

If perfect quietly fermentation

If perfect quietly fermentation

A Taiwan doctor, opened a private hospital near the door,

If “perfect” quietly fermenting. Because of his superb and diligent efforts, reached the wise age of is wealthy, with him also were top celebrities, often busy in front. Doctors have a son and three daughters. Sons are handsome, bright eyes, her daughter is a graceful flower. Doctor has a habit of taking a walk after supper, and as long as her son. Every time you walk, are wide and his only son talk about life. He was decorating the rivers and pointing his fame outside of the hospital, and then to his son in earnest: “ambition in your chest, must not be delayed. Your perfect life, I have to draw you a picture into the best school, and then into the best medical school and studying abroad, back when the best doctors! ”
Walk, son from primary school to secondary school graduation, if efficacy is extraordinary. Docile son not only obedient, never plays slingshots threw stones, and, indeed, wise, third has not been giving families a taste of humiliation. In Taiwan after the best medical school, he was strangely bright and polite, diligent plus frequent news, communication is the future hero.
But a problem for the University, Taiwan has a provision that each man must perform military service for one year. Wasn’t a big deal, but for the future was the son of the brilliant reflection of red in the eyes of the father, this is a great loss. To give her son escape from military service, he rushed around, meet frequently, but still frustrating.
When my son served out to the island, doctor consoled himself: it’s a perfect life minus one year. He sent his son to the Shi Li Ting, warm hearted saying: “son, you must find a corner under recite English words. Remember! ”
Son came that year, days are longer than a century, even when doctors give people energy concentration. But age, after all, like water, seemingly motionless, and then quickly approaching expiry of time limit. Then one day, someone sent a bolt of news: doctor’s son unfortunately died in the camp!
Death thing is a mystery, military camps up and down the investigation, found only a minor altercation. For others, sleep and do not forget, sleep three should forget. But the doctor son, just staring at this little thing, forget the great expectations, he can’t bear, stormed a gun from drinking.
Doctors how to swallow such a hit! He therefore more rush run, angrily calling, not to find out the “persecution” clue not available. Over the years, his business practice, service declined. Money has become dry. He is Ecstasy down, eyes are pale yellow, an aging. Finally, one day, he picked off hospital signs. Door Lo que scene, he was prepared to ignore. Another winter, depressed for a long time the doctors at home sudden Thunder, cracked a fine glass of your cabinets. His wife trembling debris picked up outside the room, but then was locked out. His wife feel bad, struggling to break down the door, but it is too late, light columns, again screaming vocals … …
This is a true story that occurred nearly 10 years ago. But come to think of it, does such a thing, are still quietly brewing, fermentation, heating up, always likely to repeat itself?
This year United States there is a poll: “would you be willing to use Clone method to obtain a perfect child? ”
The results of opinion polls is that only 6% few people readily answer, 76% who is not tempted: “I do not destroy the nature. “Couples replied:” we adopted 4 children, they have a different skin color or family background. Don’t say ‘ perfect ‘, and they both looks, intelligence and perfect there is too great a distance. Two of the children, because of mental disorder, requires long-term patience and guidance. However, if someone with perfect clones and exchange of our children, we have only one answer: ‘ no! ’”
Accept “not perfect”, as different colors. Have different colors, it is possible to have a colorful life. Moreover, the lives of several “perfect” spot, is the reason people humility, compassion and cherish.
Think about it, if the doctor is not very bright, the son of man, and also naughty by nature, reverse gate difficult, if doctors one day meets a patient, that person or children aren’t going to worry about too much, or because of my journey through thick and thin and have hypertension or emphysema, the doctor will have our deepest sympathy and emotion. He is healing at the same time, understanding is also delivered warm.
As people who have been ill, will be a special tribute to life.

A businessman’s first trade


1993 autumn a Saturday afternoon, I anxious not to not to returned home, majesty prepared to dispose of some of our yard work must be done. When I was cleaning the fallen leaves in the yard, my five year old son Nick came over, pulling my leg, “Dad, I need you to help me to write a brand.” He said. “No, Nick, I’m busy.” I answer this. “But, I need a brand.” He insisted. “What’s the use of the brand, Nick?” I asked. “I’m going to sell some of my rocks.” He replied.


Nick has always been obsessed with rocks, he has collected many of them from everywhere, in addition, others have given him some, in our garage with a basket full of stones, he regularly cleaned, classified and re stacked. They are his treasures. “I don’t have time now, Nick, I have to clean the leaves,” I said. “Go to your mother, let her help you.”.” After a while, Nick got a piece of paper back. In the paper, he used his Zheng Wusui child’s handwriting wrote: “today the sale of $1.” His mother helped him to make the brand, he now began to do business. He took his brand, a small basket, and four of the best stones to our driveway. In the village, he put the stone lined up, put the basket behind them, sat down in the ground. I looked at him from a distance and focused on the development of things.


After about half an hour, there’s no one to pass by. I walked through the driveway and wanted to see what he was doing. “How, Nick?” I asked. “Very good.” He replied. “What’s the use of this basket?” I asked. “Put the money.” He said to be poker-faced. “How much do you have to do?” ‘each one dollar.” Nick said. “Nick, no one would be willing to buy a dollar for a dollar.” No, it was a bit of a wish! “Nick, we are not busy at this street, there is no one who passes through here, why don’t you put these things away, to play for a while?” ‘no, there’s a lot of people here, Dad.” He said, “people are walking on our streets, riding bicycles, and people driving their cars to see the house.”. There are a lot of people here.”


He has been patient with his position. After a little while, a small truck drove down the street. When Nick shook his spirit from brand to make it to lift a minivan, when I was watching . When Han minivan from Nick before slowly after, I saw a young couple is stretched her neck in Ya Nick’s brand of the word. They continue along this road to the front of the dead away, after a little while. They had their way back. When they passed the next time, the lady in the car rolled down the window and I could not hear them. But I saw her turn around and say something to the man who drove the car, and then I saw him reaching for his wallet, and I saw him pass her a dollar. Underground car go to nick. After a careful observation of the stones, She chose one of them. Handed Nick a dollar, and drove the car away.

I sat in the yard and looked at Nick ran over to me, when I arrived really is stunned, his hands waving a dollar bill, loud mouth mark with. “I told you I can put my stone to sell one dollar a piece of it — if you have for yourself fully groom heart, you can do anything t” I walked into the house, took out my camera, Nick and his brand took a photo. This little guy has a strong confidence in himself, and he is willing to prove to me that he can do it. How this child rearing is a very meaningful lesson, and we also derive great benefit. Until Te, we often talk about it.

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