Love and ears

More than once to listen to a friend to tell him the image of his ideal, and more than once to listen to his passion after another feeling: who will be my beautiful love! A thousand times suddenly look back, eagering for thousands of times, may be behind the pink Liulv remains the same, but lacked a beautiful people get pity for the people love makes people restless woman. Does the world let me admire the woman already gone? Do I love dreams is a painting of the clouds, the rain is no trace?
Actually, the beautiful people did not go away, the dream of love doesn’t necessarily end into the clouds, and if you don’t put yourself in love misunderstanding can not extricate themselves. That erroneous zone, is you to “beautiful” the illusion. If beauty is a tree, the tree trunk, the branch, the leaf, the flower is beautiful all, indispensable. If in your eyes, the beauty of a tree just to the trunk or branches or leaves or flowers is not a tree of the identification of a tree, then you are on the “beautiful” illusion of love. The beauty of a woman is as beautiful as a tree. The beauty of a woman, in the face, but also in the heart. On the face of a woman’s beauty since ancient times, and even raise a Babel of criticism of daubed, mythical legend. Ancient beauty, eye, such as the autumn wave, if the United States mountains with DEB, face, such as peach, lip if cherry red, the prospect of hope  – – – – – – really is thousands of Jiao hundred flatters. Today, modern cosmetic surgery like a rising wind and scudding clouds, tide dress changing moment, woman’s appearance and deportment is unmatched in the ancient order, a thousand kinds of amorous feelings million people also to say as the potential. The desire to look attractive is universal. But regardless of the past, then the beautiful appearance is also the old people also could not escape the fate. The face is also the old, and the beauty of the heart is not over water, not withered flower, is truly a woman beautiful place. If a person put all his energy for the appearance of the decoration, in order to look forward to their own forever is a person to get the eternal praise and admiration of others, this can not be said to be his sorrow. If a love desire men only the pursuit of beauty of face each other and the lack of women’s inner beauty is understanding, appreciation and pursuit, this illusion of “beautiful” will undoubtedly trapped him in a sad situation. This sadness is that he can not seize the opportunity in a timely manner, his mind and body to the people who have passed him, that he once loved, will give him a happy person.
There is a story, may wish to be used as an example. The story of two men agreed in a field of wheat harvesting wheat, from the head, walk to the end, go only once, not look back, and in the process can adopt a wheat, finally see wheat grain who pick up to the full. The two men started the game. Which a man, when he saw a good ear, he always wanted to maybe have a better wheat in front of him, so he walked to the side, waiting for him to go to the farm, suddenly found oneself is unexpectedly empty handed, and around the ears of wheat is far from just he met the ear. But he is not back, he has only one with melancholy. Another man, when he went to the middle of Medina, seize the opportune moment to put a wheat harvest in the hands. This is not the whole grain of wheat is one of the best, but he is at the moment the most satisfied one. To him, he picked up one of the most beautiful ears full of wheat.
If you are looking for lover’s mind as the story of the first man, because you illusion of “beautiful”, 99 percent of your result will be a bad luck, and love missed and beauty for the people. The remaining one percent belong to the luck, and this is not the luck of ninety-nine percent of the unreliable.
In order not to miss the beautiful ears, we should do in the story the man picking to seize the opportune moment.