Invisible love

Invisible love
One summer evening, it was very good. I went for a walk in a clearing, he saw a small boy about 10 years old and a woman. That children are only very rough evasive fight one set up on the Earth, and he has seven or eight meters away from the glass.
The child can sometimes miss a projectile metres, but also fluctuated. I stood not farbehind him, he hit the bottle, because I haven’t seen a Slingshot so poor children. The woman sitting on the grass, picked a heart from a heap of stones, gently passed into the hands of children, smiling peacefully. The child would put stones on leather,out, and took another one. Can be seen from the woman‘s eyes, she is the mother of the child.
The child seriously, hold your breath, aiming for a long time, didn’t hit a shot. Stoodby them but I could see that he must not hit this play, but he kept playing.
I walked up and said to the mother:
Let me teach him how to play?
The boy stopped, but still looked at the bottle directions.
He smiled a smile of my mother. No, thanks! She paused, looked at the child and softly said, he couldn’t see.
For a long time, I muttered, “Oh … … Sorry! but why?
The other children play.
“Uh……” and I said, “but he … … How can you hit?
I told him, there will always be hit. Mother calmly said, the key is that he did not.
I was silent.
For a long time, the boy the frequency gradually slowed down, and he was tired.
His mother did not say anything, also picked up a small stone is very serene,smiling, just pass the pace slowed.
I found this very regular beat the boy, he hit a shot, a bit to one side and hit a shot,then point, then slowly moved back.
He knew only that general direction!
Night wind hits, crickets singing in the bushes, and the stars in the sky there are barely discernable. Issued by the pimp crackling sound and collapsing on the floor ofa stone banging sound was still monotonously repeats. For the kids, night and daydoesn’t make any difference.
Another long, the night off, I could not see the bottle contour.
Today he was not hit. I think. Hesitated, they say good bye, turned and walked to the back.
Not far out, a bottle of crisp cracking sound came from behind.

Faith is a seed

Faith is a seed
One year, a United Kingdom expeditions into an area of the Sahara desert, in the vast sand Sea Trek. Sun, flying and sand like the fried red iron General, head of the expedition faces. Thirsty hot, burningall the water is gone. At this time, Captain of the expedition took a pitcher, said: there is a pot of water, but before crossing the desert, one can drink.
A pot of water, became the source of faith through the desert, has become the target survival hopes. Water bottles in the hands of players passed, that heavy feeling ofthe players on the verge of despair on his face and look determined came. Finally, the expedition stubbornly out of the desert, out of the hand of death. Everyonecried, with a trembling hand unscrew the pot supportflow slowly out of the waterfor their spirit, was a pot full of sand!
Under the scorching sun, the vast desert, really saved them, and where is that a potof sand? Their persistent belief, have as a seed take root in their hearts, ultimately led them out of the desperate.
In fact, life never really desperate. No matter how much hard, no matter how muchsuffering, as long as a person‘s heart with a faith seed, then one day, he can get out of trouble, let life come to fruition.(cartier love bracelets Replica
Life is like this, as long as the seed is, hope is in.