For love has far to go

When I announced to be married at the Changchun, father deeply bowed his head. Father gray hair loss. He does not know he has never been far daughter would do such a horrible act, then he bowed his head with a heavy, said. I’ll think about it, I always have to take into account the second …
In fact, failed to consider is ~ I like, what, how many rings did aliens come to Earth, girls marry to get father’s permission? world ask a girl to get shy and hid behind my mother, sanmeiliuzheng set for life? I’m not a traditional and now don’t want to return to. Thought about it, and I give a five-day, five days a week.
Girlfriend somehow hears ran the next day, asked, surprised at first glance I was really going to marry in Changchun that last name son? what I say he does not name Liu, you should call his brother or sister, or simply called, anyway, can’t tell because I do not allow. Girlfriend didn’t perceive sweep to the second Shuttle, very lovingly patted my face, like a grandma Wolf to speak up in Changchun. It lived large nails into the wood and bark House, slipped Heatable Adobe sleeping platform. Last roots coals drifting soot that filled the room. Fire fight, House on the island of ice, white cream everywhere. That’s great, you can be a Princess …
The worst of my aunts came on the third day, and haven’t seen my shadow had tears tears tears. Said she may want to see me a few times, maybe in the future want to see niece. Cruel NH, who lost with you • • • • •.
Don’t know who will come, I may as well hide out. Really tired there is always someone to hold pseudo-expert discussions in my ear. North-East North-East. , And father, while watching the weather forecast. I probably overnight into polar bears, at least in the eyes of others like this. Or thousands, was warm and not wait, not to the place who froze to death.
The fifth day, the final deadline is up. I suddenly have some mercy is about to lose her daughter’s father, decided to make the time allowed at night. After dinner, I am confident and enthusiastic to go alongside my father, as father to think that I have matured, have the strengths to enclose all sinister, I solemnly asked. You think?
Father was going to see the weather, turned and looked at me sharply when they are frightened, old eyes, sad and helpless. I have no eyes away, the father did not. Father and daughter looked at each other silently minutes, maybe half a century I said no too. The father did not bow, lateral corners I can’t see his face, I shall never forget the frail voice said, “you have to prepare fur-leather pants.”