Dear child

Not without intervention in the hope project, but it is to receive a sum of money. The child actually met with the pair, or the first time.

The remote and quiet little village hall today decorated, from the beginning of the ceremony, a pai three each child is there sitting. They are very small, very good, a motionless. I have filled in a donor card, knowing that the other is a grade two boy, and now I’m far from the guess which is my child, so that one of the leaders of the speech is not listening to a half.

Finally there is a wear red clothes the boy was received in front of me, we on the on the stage is leaning on the legislation into a row, camera and scanning over.
Then I found that the presence of boys and girls arm almost two or three bars of the young pioneers cadre records, and my kids. And from the teacher’s introduction, these children are mostly excellent results, so I and the boy had the following dialogue.
When the first grade teacher said he was a poor student, now at the medium. I said, no relationship, the score is not the most important. The teacher said, but the child is sensible, unlike other boys as naughty. I said, you can be naughty some of the. His face looked at me, even rehearsed “thank you auntie” such word forgot to say.
We cut it off for the time being. Later, it turned out that in addition to me almost all the donors pre donated by the object provided at least deserving a condition, the most demanding a woman even provided the including ten ranking, appearance, height, gender, whether or not obedient, health status, family status and other requirements. Rustic teacher actually according to the conditions found a child, television broadcast lens in their residence time is the longest. And I hope to deprive the woman of her from my heart. According to these harsh conditions, my children will not be eligible for donation, and why, we come up with a few hundred dollars, on their own for the children who are eligible for this!

And the children only get along a very short time to break up. The impression of my child all along the silence, not see him smile, sad people.
If this is the hope project, and I only hope my dear well De, kid, you want a lot of smiles.

The beauty of feeling

April 17, 2008, we have a line of 11 people came to Shanxi. The sky was grey, for the city is covered with a layer of mystery. In this ancient land, contains a rich heritage of Chinese culture; stands the majestic mountains and rivers; glints off of the legendary brilliant culture of Shanxi merchants. We have the honor to enter the treasure house of this culture, the beauty of the Jin dynasty.

Understanding the beauty the ancient city of beauty. Pingyao County is located in the central Chinese in northern Shanxi Province, king was founded in the Western Zhou period, which has a history of 2700 years. So far, it has preserved the basic features of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, which is the most complete ancient city in China. Pingyao ancient city known as the turtle said, and not because of the age and the old turtle compared, but overlooking the German town of Pingyao shaped like a turtle, bird’s eye view of the ancient city of Pingyao, more make person strange way. This is a flat square of the wall, shaped like a turtle, the city gate six, North and south, each of the two. South Gate City for the glans, two wells outside the binocular symbol of the tortoise. The north gate of the turtle tail, is the lowest in the city, all the water in the city outflow. Weng Cheng City four things, both the relative and Simon, Simon, the east gate of the Shing Mun Weng Cheng were to Nankai, the shape of protrusive clawed turtles, only under the outer gateway to the east gate Wengcheng straight to the East, is said to be building the city probably turtle crawls away will be straightened his left leg, tied in the two years from the city of the foot of a hill and Taiwan. This seemingly false legend, shone with the ancients of tortoise worship extremely. The tortoise is immortal, in the eyes of the ancients as natural as holy gods. Setting it implies hope by the power of the turtle God, to the ancient city of Pingyao is as firm as a rock, Jintang YONGGU, safe and sound, the immortal of profound meaning, of course, there are intended to take the “turtles” Yongshou abideth. Street patterns as “soil” glyph, building layout is comply with the gossip of the range, reflecting the distribution at the time of the Ming and Qing Dynasties urban planning concept and shape.

Both inside and outside the city there are more than 300 all kinds of sites, ancient buildings, to preserve the integrity of the Ming and Qing Dynasties houses nearly 4000 seat, street shops reflect historical appearance, is called the living specimens of ancient cities in China. The Pingyao County cultural center, is the birthplace of China financial industry. The first bank of China was born here, known as “the Wall Street of ancient china”. The largest is created in during Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty, to “Huitong” is famous in the world of China’s first seat ticket “Rishengchang”.
The beauty of the beauty of the temple and the beauty of the temple. When I trod a thousand and eight steps, climb to the top of the peak of Mount Wutai, smelling the rosin dating back thousands of years, stepping on the creaking boards, landed on the wooden pillars supporting the temple, the pro cliff, adversity or cliff, just like a volley of birds. Look at people in religious worship, let me feel the mystery of Buddhist culture, broad and profound.

The beauty of the beauty of the beauty of the beauty, the beauty of the snacks. Pingyao beef Wenmingquanguo, ruddy color, pork veins clearly visible, very attractive appearance; eat it is meat is tender, fragrant smell, chewing teeth. Interestingly, just out of the pot of beef, the knife does not cut the taste out, and as long as with a knife a pull, suddenly rich meat will nostrils, a tongue Sheng Jin, spit saliva dripping, Huanen taste, unique ingredients, taste the beef Pingyao people are full of praise.

Five thousand years of history in Shanxi, look at it to see its magnificent scenery places of historic interest and scenic beauty, look at it, the culture of shanxi……
Let us come to Shanxi, the beauty of the Jin dynasty!

Open the door by myself

I was 5 years old, the night cold wind chills.
Has not remember in the end because of what provoke father lost his temper, just remember his rage to carry to the outside of the gate, a word also don’t say in the latch.
Street door, black one, what also can’t see. The wind blows to the face, and the cold and pain. Standing in the dark, a moment of all the terrible things poured in from all directions, grandma used to say the only child to eat black cat, grandpa to see the child trafficking old madman, as well as the village I was most afraid of butcher. And I was the most afraid of the moment, the neighbor’s dog, I do not know why the cry, I cried out.
In the past, no matter what the reason was the father’s rebuke, as long as I cry, grandma will protect me. I think this time I cry can still recruit grandmother, let Grandma with her warm jacket holding me back. However, the voice is quick to cry dumb, still did not hear the footsteps of my grandmother. Only to hear the roar of the father, will cry, today no one opens the door for you.
Father’s words let me understand that cry has no avail, if my grandma has been father persuaded, so the house has no one to open the door for me.
Think of here. I stopped crying and began to push the door hard. When the gate is two folios, push to open a small slit, will be able to reach out to the bolt. I resorted to feeding effort to push the door, handle and stretch into a, enough of the latch, a move, also do not know after how long, the door, I was finally open. Stand in the yard, I saw my grandmother, father, mother, and sister with tears on her face.

Grew up to know, last night, my grandmother did not hear my cry, sister has come to the door, mother because the matter and father quarreled, but father blocked the all assistance to me. He said, “let her come in.”
It was the night of the door open, let me gradually independent, also let me understand: “any person’s help can only be a time or time, want to go home, you must open the door.