Rookie year-end summary

He is a rookie in the workplace, the so-called food, is the tender vegetables leaves, green, crisp, gently ninety percent off on the break. After graduating from college, he was dressed in such a thin wing, he was in the market department of a company. But he was betting a sigh of relief, he hopes to have been able to pick off the rookie. The label, let it become full-fledged. Yes, who do not want to be in the workplace. Prawns!
The first year, year-end summary, well, he wrote copious and fluent thousands of words, the printing paper A4 to fill 3 pages. The work of the first half of the year as the menu to the column out:

White, always the first to come to work, the last one to work;
Is also responsible for the office of the office of water, clean;
Do a market survey every week!
Have done two large-scale questionnaire survey;
He went on to write: “I am diligent, enthusiastic, hard-working, active thinking – – – – – – I hope in the new year, as soon as possible to integrate into the collective, and the company common development and common progress. Do their own work, is my most firm belief.
At the end of the second years, he was told to hand over the end of the year. When he was informed, he was and his colleagues to get back to the office. Off his cotton padded jacket, still feel very hot, promotion is done very lively. His heart was also Jiaore is ah, see the company thriving, he has an irrepressible excitement. He wanted to think, exactly, last year the year-end summary of the computer is still in it, back in the evening changed the inscribed date, can also be reused, good.
Turn on the computer, he hesitated. Last year’s summary is still in, but his mind is no longer last year. He put the mouse has been to drop, watching the first two pages of the journal, Gaga laugh twice, it is estimated that last year we saw the always laugh, delete. Go down, it is also some Xing heroic utterance, delete.
What to write?
He remembered something that happened in the last month. He was assigned to a department store at the entrance to a department store to do promotions, the program by the Ministry of planning, they just need to implement the program can. See the programme, he Leng once, because the activities give gift remains the same as last time, their company’s products, hand cream. Remember last promotion, he deliberately propaganda about to launch a new product, the skin of water, found that many customers are interested and coming back, he put the survey results also wrote the text submitted to the director, director, said, the next promotion Mini some toner to the trial installed.

Perhaps is director of the forgotten, perhaps, director of director of the idea, anyway, hand cream or, skin water or are the company’s products, can be used. He hesitated, and finally asked the director. Director, we don’t need this trial toner?.
Oh, oh? Head tilted his head, suddenly think, ouch ouch! His feet quickly, almost ran to the planning department.
Then, the planning department to work overtime to modify the program; logistics department work, will be ready in hand cream. Out of toner, he has to work overtime, accept the plan from the planning department, logistics department to receive gifts. 10 in the evening, he was in the elevator and the logistics department, planning department to work colleagues meet. The elevator crowded, he will feel shy for their own, in a word, hurt so many people to work overtime. But there’s a man in the middle. Thanks to the change in time, if wait until tomorrow when the promotion to remember, difficult, no one complained, no people prosecuted for overtime reasons for the original just because a small character word.

Thought of here, he is very moved. He knocked on a line of characters in the computer. Deeply realized that a company needs a team of cooperation and efforts, I hope that in the new year, to better and colleagues cooperation.
At the end of the third years, he knows the boss will set up a required assignment – the end of the year. 12 one day at the end of the month, he opened the end of last year’s summary.
Along last year’s ideas to go down, in fact, and colleagues get along very hard, the day gradually long, to find that everyone has more or less shortcomings. Some people are mean, some people procrastination, some good work, some people complain, if a collision and their disadvantages, a sassy’s lethality than bigger. He’s really not willing to do that.
His fingers the drift on the keyboard, screen cursor blink, he constantly want to Heng, suddenly in front of aura and the shortcomings of everyone he saw, the advantages of each person, he also saw ah. For example, some people are always very passionate, some people do things very stable, some people are impatient but very effective, some people have a recognition of inspiration, especially many.
If you get along with them, you should be a happy journey.

He cracked the computer in the possession of a word. I hope that with these outstanding colleagues, sincere cooperation, the advantages of their own to fully play out, together to promote our cause.
The director took his summary to see for a while, the boss saw his summary also stay for a while. The boss after reading his year-end summary, in his dry crisp Lee landing after the office, smiled, and in February 1, 2004, the first day of the new year after work, he was appointed director of the marketing department. A supervisor is good at digging the advantages of each employee, mobilize the enthusiasm of each person. CEOs know that he already has a supervisor’s quality.
At last he was no longer a rookie, he flapped plump wings, in the sky fly comfortably.

The hidden but beautiful spot in Yunwu Mountain

In the village of the village, I found a different kind of mountain, a mountain called “cloud mountain” of the beautiful mountains.

The mountain, tall and straight, like a giant, stands tall. Its wrinkles are very deep, as if to hide the vicissitudes of life. Best of all, the cloud is always the one with him.

Fog always appears after the rain. One, then the whole mountain is hazy. The sun is like watching, then through the cloud, they. The masculine mountains seemed to blush, flying out of the flush. At this time, the wind came, just clouds torn into pieces, a road, a plume. The cloud around, like a mountain, let go is death, the remotest corners of the globe. When the mountain was up XiaGu tender feelings. The smoke cleared, the blue mountain in the sky will become increasingly deep masculine.

Rain, the mountain will be more lively. The birds sing, spring gurgle, gurgling streams. At this time, the best to go to the mountains of valley. Where there is a valley, there is a river. The crystal clear mountain valley ethereal, temples in sanskrit. The water crab also boldly drill out, look at your body sideways with eyes, a little also not afraid to disturb your quiet it.

The most beautiful birds, washed by the rain, fog around the sound brighter, more persuasive. The bird hidden in the very deep place, as if in your heart. Shore of the Bluegrass is obviously streams combing, to a morning makeup just attitude of Bi girl standing in the stream, like in listening to the so-called Iraqi people, in the water side, “the poem. (old editor’s praise: Bird hiding place and bluegrass posture, these two parables with appropriate and chic, strong expressive force, interesting flavor, it is worth students carefully taste. Tired of walking, sitting down, or lie down on a stone, anyway, everywhere scenery.

Then, put down thoughts, her eyes fixed, fixed on a flower, you will think life is beautiful; fixed on a tree, you will want to life is standing, not prostrate; frozen in the blue sky of an eagle, you will want to, the life originally to fly. Best, you don’t want to be, you are a flower, a tree, an eagle, a cloud in the mountains. So, you can hear it breathing, of course, you can also fall asleep.

The clear water, the beautiful flowers. Yunwu Mountain barren soil, the towering rock is no longer the exotic flowers and rare herbs do not need. But the common cuckoo let Yunwu Mountain warm up, gaudy, spirited up. Four or five months, the flower is always a grand declaration of the arrival of clouds and clouds. First Capsules – that is the birth of life; after a blossoming the bloom of life; then a clusters of – – that is the climax of life; finally is a piece — that is the sublimation of life, was eloquent, live in grand and spectacular.

This scenery, let dawn drunk, falling down into the red azalea: light up the eyes; let the weaver drunk, cut the white Yuncheng the white azalea, silent in the heart; some red and white, it is nature of the casual and carefully dyed.

The strange thing is the more the towering rock, the more barren soil, it is more open, more brilliant, more prosperous. It is the use of life to reveal the life – the more barren, life is more public, the more need to make public. As grown on the Loess Plateau of the man, the man thrown out of the opera, suppression of Jan meal a contusion and the roar of a tough life.

Ah, let me see you in Yunwu Mountain, the world fairyland, you let me find the beautiful life. I love you, too wonderful for words yunwushan!

Like the fog like rain and wind

Very quiet, very quiet. No other begging, just flat light through it can see their hearts. I know you like boiling water, it is sometimes like a fog like rain sometimes and sometimes have the wind.
Himself, it seems that from the day of birth, the hit is doomed to struggle to float on the earth, and now he is like a fog, although in the air around the world, there is a real existence, but no one really go for you and a little waste of the disdain. As the mist is white open water evaporation out, with a zeal was the world of dust confined to the helpless, even if occasionally in the early morning sunrise again in order to do for a while to pave the way, that also is only the wink Yunyan nobody will therefore miss.

Himself, it seems that from the day of birth, the hit is doomed to struggle to float on the earth, and now he is like a fog, although in the air around the world, there is a real existence, but no one really go for you and a little waste of the disdain. As the mist is white open water evaporation out, with a zeal was the world of dust confined to the helpless, even if occasionally in the early morning sunrise again in order to do for a while to pave the way, that also is only the wink Yunyan nobody will therefore miss.

Themselves are helpless when alone, the thoughts welled up in my mind, like Li Qingzhao wrote of “under the brow but heart” into the autumn of EBOHR how could see river rolling eastward flow? Go to the east to the East, but the waves are the ages of the truly great men of their own now; and what is a ring? In this materialistic era of rampant heavy traffic if there is the last breath of his space? Blue Hui Guo choked throat, weak breathing in life to get rid of your body.

Oneself in frustrated? Gently over his heart asked myself. Otherwise why not only hurt the hearts of people. Heart some cold because the hearts of the tears, tears like their own thoughts but not willing to give a little comfort, I like the rain and tears as the water and the cooling of the memories, really hurt people but also hurt the heart.

Every little bit years myself like the wind blew……
Some people treat me as a treasure, in fact, “treasure” is not “treasure” also really does not matter, they just want to their children to have a life of happiness and they are father and mother; some people treat me as a tree, from childhood reading aloud already know, he in my meticulous care, they want their students one day in the future can become a towering tree, is their is a teacher. All this they have let in the black land; all the blackboard and chalk have become the witness of their lives. And what do I have to do with myself?

Inadvertently, disturb the mind, do not know when to forget the time to forget their own, static lift glance out the window not static seems to hold your breath. I do not know when the winter is coming, in the face of a world full of boundless still obsessed with summer memories. It seems that only when you can forget the worries and anxieties. Who knows what will this day be how long is this winter rain or fluttering silk Snow gleams white. next year?
The sound of the door to open up the idea, to take back the heart to see if they have the screen, but they are still trying, then know that they are themselves.
I love every one of my love in this world, including myself……
The wind is blowing up, so cold……