A hungry man

This guy from birth, not enough food, catch up with the most Chinese half starved’s.. Every dinner, he rushed to their copies finished, staring at a bowl of others howl, crying, side openly snatch cousin of the bowl in the food, grabbed two tears flowing.

It was the spring of 1960, and it seemed to be eaten. The roots, bark, grass on the eaves. One time the school was dragged to a good coal, he picked up a piece of it in the mouth to chew, the students also follow together, said the more chewing the more fragrant. A class, the teacher wrote on the blackboard, they chew coal at the bottom, giggle bang bang a loud, all a mouth black.

In 1976, he became a soldier, and from then on, and the hungry. From the recruits even assigned to the new unit, the small steamed bread of flour, he once ate eight, stomach empty, but I am sorry to eat. Cook the canteen manager said: bad, to the guts.

Later, the day is better, a feast, but he is still eager, afraid to get out of the like. A lot of friends against him, said he ate like a wolf to forget about one’s own, work with quiet hard application.

He once in a time, eat, eat, eat slowly, eat when the mouth is not noisy, the taste is not bad, when the folder is only one dish or a root of a bean sprouts, like a bird.

He would like to see a good repent thoroughly of one’s misdeeds, but, as it will be restored immediately. Each when he saw on television the crocodile swallowed tears hateful look side, immediately think of their own.

Of course, just the experience of hunger, not necessarily to become a writer, he can become a writer as a “rightist” college students said he knew a writer, wrote a book and had thousands of royalties. Heard that the writers eat three meals a day dumplings, but also fat stuffing, a bite, the fat began to take.

Red Sorghum

He does not believe that the world should have a wealth to eat three meals a day, but the students in the tone of contempt he said that people are a writer!

From then on, he knew, as long as a writer, you can eat dumplings every day three times, and meat stuffing. In the county, he made up his determination to be a writer when he grew up.

Gong Li

In order to eat three meals a day, he wrote a famous novel “Red Sorghum family”, and later by the director Zhang Yimou, adapted into the film “Red Sorghum”, and in the West Berlin International Film Festival awards. As a result, the novel is a sudden red three people, Gong Li, Mo Yan, Zhang Yimou.

Mo Yan

He is a famous writer, Mo Yan.

If you spend your life in the right way, the destiny will make you dream come to your side.

Cheer for Guo Jingjing

The evening of August 17, 2008, the Beijing Olympic Games diving competition to continue in the water cube. In the high-profile women’s three meters in the final, the Chinese diving leader Guo Jingjing to withstand the enormous pressure, with 415.35 points to win the championship. In this Olympic stage, she with beautiful, chic, elegant movement posture, difficult, high quality, stable quality of action, to a person’s “product” color, has attracted the attention of the world, the world’s admiration, cast a life of light. Guo Jingjing, you are proud of the Chinese, we cheer for you!

In the women’s three meters in the final, Guo Jingjing is always in the leading position in her every round of the jump is a Xing, every time the water is not smooth, every action is so beautiful. But don’t smile to the end, you can not relax. At that time, Guo Jingjing was the last one in all the players, after the Russian star Pakhalina completed the beautiful last jump, you take the pressure on the springboard. Under pressure, you don’t want to, you are very beautiful to complete the game. After you enter the water, the audience burst into applause. Scene to supervise the Chinese diving team leader also breathed a sigh of relief, all before the referee did not score knew this gold medals already belongs to you! You in the water cube to perfect way successfully defended and four time Olympic career will campaign medals in rewrite four gold, 2 silver and career 25 world champion. Diving queen. The title is a well deserved. Guo Jingjing, you created a personal myth, we cheer for you!

In the face of major changes in his life, in the face of all sorts of criticism of public opinion, you wisely chose silence. After you take the national team, the whole body heart into normal and hard training. In training, you are not distracted, but not because of injuries and stop training. Therefore, your physical quality has been quickly recovered, the competitive level is also steadily recovering, competitive ability has been steadily improved. Even more gratifying is that your ability to control the movement greatly improved, while the height and intensity of the action to be enhanced. Guo Jingjing, you are optimistic and strong, tight encirclement, and then following the brilliant, march forward courageously, we cheer for you!

In the face of the media praised, but you are very calm, you say. I have never thought of what the Queen “gold” and the like, as long as the normal training, to carry out normal competition, regardless of what the results are normal.. You said. Every game, I can play a normal level, there is little too far off the performance. In the Athens Olympics, I had once played a super level, and I have never done it. However, the level of play is not available, I have never asked myself to exceed the level to play, because I know that the game is on the strength rather than luck. So, when I play the mind is relaxed, can play a normal level can be. As far as the first row in the first few, Deng is the referee’s things, we have no intention of any intention.. Yes, peace of mind, strict training, stable play, rich experience, created a the World Diving Queen, and she won the victory over the enemy. Magic weapon.. However, this. Magic weapon. So extraordinary, ordinary people tend to ignore its existence. Guo Jingjing, we applaud you for your calm, modest, and enterprising!

Guo Jingjing, you use a strong power, so that the world’s people all over the world focus on China’s diving you with first-class technology, so that China’s diving into the world’s top. Your spirit of constantly surpassing yourself will always inspire me, and I will give you a loud cheer!

The unable to calm face

Have you seen a picture of Shen Congwen in the book? He is wearing glasses, refined and cultured. Is out of the ordinary, the face is so at home. From the lens after the eyes, and so quiet and peaceful. That face, let me gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory.
Shen Congwen’s life is ill fated, especially the ten years of the “Cultural Revolution”, is a devastating blow to him. But Shen Congwen with aloof tranquility, leave the immortal cultural and artistic treasures, won the readers endless and respect.
During the “Cultural Revolution”, Shen Congwen’s “focus on the object of” wide red guards “sent him to sweep the toilet. This is a great shame for a writer, but Shen Congwen said quietly, “the organization does not believe in me, but I still believe in morality.” So, I saw that face, calm in the face with determination and optimism.

Once, Shen Congwen was close friends for many years. When he heard the news, not like that and people expected, people sigh. He smiled calmly, “no big deal. He’s going to be that man.” I can see the face, calm with tolerance and relieved.
But Shen Congwen’s heart is actually “not calm”. When he due to persecution and had to give up the literary Mei historical costumes research. He also calmly said: “I love this subject, as I love literature, like love,” all of a sudden, I understand. His heart had been suffering and struggle, but he ultimately chose relieved, chrome’s love of literature buried in the bottom of my heart, with calm exterior protect the inner flaming enthusiasm, a silent life: so, the tranquil face and a bit strong and brave.
What makes Shen Congwen live in the cold winter of life? I think, should be the ideal of the faith, the life of the faithful commitment.

As Pushkin said, “the time to hesitate is to be calm”. The face of life torrent, we don’t need to cry bitterly. Not cowardly to myself. We need to be strong, calm the mind, carries a letter ideal diligently pursuit and promise of life “not to abandon, do not give up,” the promise, then calmly smile subway, get ready to start.

So, is the highest level of calm.
Peace is not just a simple gas God, it takes courage, perseverance, optimism and strong. So a truly “calm” people, will eventually become a winner in life.
May each of us have a calm face, and encourage us to laugh at the situation. And that face, must let us unforgettable.

Message of love

Friends, if you to be my guest, will feel my home is spacious, beautiful and clean, the picture of the unique style of the murals, pots of the unique shape of the green cuckoo is my home decorated with spring, vibrant, believe you will exclaim: beautiful home ah! But if you look closely, you will find a secret of my family, that is, on the door of a message posted a message. Look, this is “don’t forget to take medicine Oh”, that one is “the weather turns cold, remember to wear more clothes”, etc.. These messages, in your opinion, may only be a reminder of the role, but in my mind, but it contains a deep love, deep affection.

Over the years, my mother has not been in good health, but when she does, the medicine ignore and forget the event. To this end, the whole family hurt a lot of brains. Once, dad has to go on a business trip, he in order to mother can eye drops on time every day, came up with a coup, message, it can let you write things to note on a piece of paper, attached to each other’s most often stay in place, so that even if you don’t at home can also be the most want to say pass each other. In the evening, my father quietly cut a few pieces of paper, which was written: “remember to take the medicine on time”, “remember to wear glasses”…… And stick to the place where my mother and I can go through every day. The next day, when I woke up, and found dad was on a business trip, but the note on the wall, but leave father want to say the words, the deepest concern. From then on, I never forget to wear glasses, the mother on time every day! From then on, we have this habit, there is anything to explain the words, want to express love, all through the paper to convey.

Vaguely remember it was a Monday morning, when I woke up, I found that bedside posted a note that read: “daughter, my mother was sick today, can’t cook for you, you take money to buy their own point, sorry!” After reading, I hurried to get up, hurried to shop to buy eggs, bread, the cold medicine on the bed, go to school. An short message to make our home more harmonious, warm. Now, my mother’s body is much better, and I have gradually become sensible, I love my family, we want to take this love of the message in the end!